Oh My Gosh The Jello Wiggled

So last night we had decided that $3,000 and sixteen hour flights both ways plus a PCR test on our way home to Canada and a Rapid Antigen test on our way back to Yuma just wasn’t in the cards for us, so we were not going home for Christmas.  We have a large credit with Westjet because we had to cancel our flights from Kelowna to Calgary last Christmas so we looked into using our credit this year, but the only flights we could get were very pricey and had long layovers making a three hour flight into a sixteen hour flight.  I tried to get my head around doing the prudent thing and staying in Yuma for Christmas but I was sad.  We had to stay at home by ourselves last year because of COVID and travel restrictions so I was really sad that we would have to do that again this year.  But then I got the great idea to forget about our Westjet credit and I checked Flair Airlines for flights home and guess what?  We can fly from Phoenix, Arizona to Calgary, Alberta and spend Christmas with our youngest son and his family for less than $400.00 USD return for the two of us.  We will still have to do all the COVID testing but it is much easier for us to justify it when our flights are so cheap … so we are going to spend Christmas with our son, daughter-in-law, and two young grandchildren … and I am once again a happy camper … I know it’s all about me 😀  Actually it isn’t all about me cause hubby is happy as well and our son and family are very excited we are coming, so I guess it’s all about all of us and that is okay.

Hmm this is new to me, a fifth-wheel tag along.

I just had to share my happy news with all of you 🙂  Oh, and the wind finally died down this afternoon, but not until after taking a toll on my new plants.

This guy came out the worst from the wind.

Until next time …

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