Some Good News, Some Bad News

So let’s get the bad news out of the way, the United States has announced it will continue to keep its land borders closed to Canadian travellers until September 21st … all we can do is hope that they don’t extend the closure once again.

We were fortunate to watch a brood of baby quail grow up around our site earlier this summer.

The good news … and I’m still not sure if it is fully good news … We have heard from a few people that the US has reversed its decision on mixed dose vaccines of Pfizer/Moderna and is now considering people in this situation to be fully vaccinated.  They still don’t consider Astra Zeneca or mixed Astra Zeneca and an MRNA vaccines as a proper vaccination.

Some very scary skies last Sunday which is just an indication of how bad our fire situation was that night, things are looking up now!

Now I say I’m not sure if it is good news because I can’t find anywhere were this is actually written down and I would really like to see it show up on either a Canadian or US government website, that is when I will relax and feel confident that we can enter the US by land.

Taken from our daughter’s deck in North Glenmore.

The mixed dose issue only applies to crossing the border by land since all you need to fly is a negative COVID 19 test, according to what I can see on the government websites.

So folks if you have seen anything in writing or know where to find the most up to date information I would be so happy if you would send me a link to the site, or tell me who to call 🙂

Our grandson found this rock at the campsite, it’s the first time I have seen an actual fossil rock just randomly lying around … they are usually in museums or national parks when I see them.

Until next time …

12 thoughts on “Some Good News, Some Bad News

  1. I love that rock. Awesome find. I aren’t seen or heard anything about the mixed vaccines but will keep an eye out. We too, hoping that’s the last of the border closure. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

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  2. I understand your frustration re the mixed vaccines. I believe that you will be able to get through – mostly because you will likely have to present a negative Covid test at the border as well as your vaccine certification. That should get you though. However we just all have to wait to see if the border will even open. Care to place a wager that it won’t be open.

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