One More Thing Too Worry About

I know I said I was going to focus on the positives but I did come across all these pictures and thought I needed to tell this story as well … and it is positive because it did end well 🙂

As if it wasn’t enough dealing with forest fires and COVID, a few weeks ago we received an email from our park in Yuma letting us know that a serious storm had gone through and done a lot of damage to the park.  The manager advised that staff would check the outside of peoples site and get in touch with those that had damage by Monday, we didn’t hear anything so we figured we were okay.

 We have a storage shed and our outdoor kitchen on our site and only one tree close by, but we do have park models behind us so there was the danger of flying debris from damaged roofs and decks.

Monday came and we didn’t hear any more but I still wanted to know for sure and then it occurred to me that the park has a Facebook page, so I went onto that and found all of these pictures.

It was very sad seeing all the damage and my heart goes out to those people, most of whom are not even in the park, and many of them are from Canada.

While I didn’t see any pictures of our site, I still really wanted to know for sure that everything was okay so I posted a comment on Facebook (good thing I just deleted my Facebook app and didn’t close down my account!) asking if someone could check on our site.

I did hear back from the resident that posted all these pictures saying she had left the park but hopefully someone else would be able to send a picture.

A week went by and I didn’t hear anything and then the bear scared life out of me and I completely forgot about the storm and our Yuma site.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I got a text message last Tuesday from a neighbour behind us, who I thought was not at the park right now, with a picture of our site and everything is okay 🙂

And an added bonus was seeing that my two bougainvillea have survived for eighteen months with no water.

She did tell me that our shed was narrowly missed by flying debris from the park model beside her.  The roof on that park model’s sundeck blew off and was sent into the golf course in front of the unit.  Another wind gust came a few minutes later, picked up all the debris and flew it backwards over the unit behind us and it all landed just beside our shed.  Phew, that was a close call!

I have no idea how old this Saguaro cactus was but I’m guessing over a hundred years … it’s so sad to see it lose its life to a storm.

Who knows when or if we will be able to go back to Yuma.  We had no choice and ended up with mixed vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and since the US Government (and many other countries) do not recognize mixed vaccines as proper vaccines they won’t let us in, even if they do open up the land border 😦  So right now all we can do is wait and hope they change their minds.

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “One More Thing Too Worry About

  1. Glad your site and shed is okay.
    We never heard that the US were not allowing the mixed Pfizer and Moderna vaccinated in. ?? The article I just read says the US CDC does not recognize the mix of vector vaccines (AstraZeneca) but does recognize the mix of mRNA. as fully vaccinated. They need to get their stories straight SOON, right?

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    • It was all over the news about not allowing mixed Pfizer/Moderna but we also just saw something on the news an hour ago that they may have changed their minds on that. But even if they have changed their minds we still need the US to open their land crossings and they just announced an extension to the closure until September 21st 😞


      • Interesting because we’d never heard that about any other than the vector vaccine, Yes, we heard yesterday about the extension of the border closing. Good grief! We allow them in here! 😦 Crazy huh? Fingers crossed for all of us!

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  2. Oh my, so much damage to your park. Thank goodness that your site was missed by that storm. You have enough on your plate here at home. Who knows what the US is going to do about allowing that vaccine mix? Who knows when or if the US will open the land border? Who knows if any of us will decide to travel south if we can? So many factors to have to deal with and make a decision. Maybe we should just go to Yuma for the winter but Colin really wants to get the twins to the beach on the Isla. I am now leaning towards staying home for another winter. Will we ever get to Mexico again?

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