Let Me Introduce Piper

Piper is a blonde German Shephard and a much-loved member of our daughters family.

She is two years old and loves to spend her time at the beach diving for rocks.

Our daughter had told us that this was a favourite past time of Pipers but it was hard to appreciate how intense Piper is about it until we spent an afternoon at the beach with her.

She doesn’t mess around, she gets fully under the water and stays down for a long time!

At one point she found a very big rock and had to put in some real effort to get it out of the water and up onto the beach.  On those rocks she would dive a few times, get them closer into shore, and then use her paws to work them up on the beach.

The three boys would sometimes throw the rocks sitting close to the water’s edge back in so that she had something to find, but Piper is smart and would take her biggest rocks way up higher on the beach so that they didn’t throw those ones back in.

By the time we were ready to leave the beach Piper had successfully cleaned the rocks out of a big portion of the lake 🙂

Too bad she isn’t allowed on the beaches in the park as there are some areas that would benefit from having the rocks removed from the water.

I think this was her biggest rock and it went way up high on the beach!

 Until next time …

9 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce Piper

  1. That was hilarious. Our dog Via does the same with shells and rocks and she’ll go down to her shoulders for some time, but I’ve never seen her go right under like that. Too funny. She also doesn’t roll them up onto the beach. I wish she would. Would use up some time and energy. We are heading off to Petapalooza, in Victoria today – a big dog extravaganza so we should see some fun things for sure.

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  2. Such a beautiful dog. Not to mention talented. I agree that you could do a small piece for a pet magazine and use all of your great photos. Piper needs to be famous. They even pay you a few hundred.

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