The Unbelievable Beauty of Nature

I skipped my walk the day after my meeting with the bear, but Sunday I put on my big girl pants, gathered up my courage, waited an extra half hour so that it was lighter, and out I went.  I also took my bear bells and bear spray with me.

Each day I felt a little better about going out and today god rewarded me for my efforts with an absolutely stunning view 🙂

I knew he had something in mind when I first walked out the door …

 At first I thought the fire smoke must have rolled back in but I couldn’t really smell it and I could see blue sky.  I hurried down to the lake and just stood in awe of the beauty of nature!

I really think the bear is gone, there have been no more sightings, but I still think my bear spray and bells will continue to come along with me on my morning walk.

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “The Unbelievable Beauty of Nature

  1. Gorgeous. What a scary encounter. I heard a bear on my solitary walk the other day and that was enough to make me start singing loudly and commit to busier trails and times. The blackberries are out everywhere so I don’t think they’d eat me but sure easy enough to startle them.

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    • Ohh that would be scary. My bear was eating berries as well and apparently he is now up the trail across the street so he could be back.

      Stick to those busier trails, although keep in mind our trail is a busier trail😊


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