Yesterday Started With Such Promise!

I have lots of pictures that I want to share but most of them seem so trivial to what is going on around us.  We are surrounded with forest fires and our area has become a hotspot for COVID which has meant wearing masks again and going back to some of our old restrictions.  I don’t want to trivialize these very major life events, and I’m not, they are in our life and we are dealing with them every day, but I think for my own sanity I am going to write blogs about some of the lighter aspects of life … but I do have to acknowledge the smoky skies we have been living in.

Unicorn chillin on the lake

My views on my morning walks have been obliterated with smoke.

Yesterday morning the smoke began to lift and I was treated to the most amazing sunrise I have seen in almost a month!

Yup I know it’s not what you were expecting but to me it was absolutely beautiful because there was something other than smoke in the sky.

It always amazes me what people will leave on the beach overnight … way to trusting if you ask me!

I was almost finished my walk when I altered my path slightly and walked through our site, out the back, around a berry bush, and came face to face with the biggest … and yes I mean huge … had to be a least ten feet tall … BEAR!

He, or maybe she, was less than six feet away from me.  Fortunately for me he was as scared of me as I was of him … well I’m pretty sure I was more scared of him … and he took off across the grass.  I was paralyzed with fear but did eventually think to pull out my phone and get a picture.  I had to take a picture because I was pretty sure nobody would believe me, but I was shaking like crazy and still scared that he might turn around and come back at me, so it is not a good picture but here it is …

That big brown spot in the middle is the bear and he is standing with all four legs flat on the ground.

At that point I ran back to Maxx to grab the bear spray and wake hubby up.  We carefully wandered around looking for the bear but never did find him so hopefully he has left the park.  I do have to admit I was to chicken to go out this morning but I’m going to try and put on my big girl pants and go out tomorrow morning … well that’s my plan 🙂

As if that wasn’t enough drama, later that night I had just fallen asleep when I was woken up by sirens and hubby informing me that they had evacuated two more communities north of us.  Twelve fire trucks went by and for the next four hours there was a steady stream of cars heading south out of the evacuated areas.  My prayers are with all of them and the emergency personnel fighting the many fires in our province.  My nephew has been evacuated from his home, which he had just purchased, and his house is now surround by fire.  We are just praying that everything will be okay.

Since I don’t want to end this blog on an unhappy note I am going to share a picture our daughter took at Giant Cedars Boardwalk rest stop near Revelstoke along Highway 1.

I just love this picture, I think it would look awesome on a wall!

Until next time …

13 thoughts on “Yesterday Started With Such Promise!

  1. Oh my goodness!! I wouldn’t know that I’d be able to take a picture…….what am I saying? Of course, I would too!! Glad he was almost as ‘afeared’ as you were!
    Your sunrise is pretty to us too but I can’t believe the smoke and danger still all around you. 😯

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  2. Agree, that last photo is a wall hanger. We too have been dealing with smoke/haze filled skies with fires to the north in MN and ON. The past couple of years have been challenging which is prompting us to come off the road full-time. Prayers that these fires get put out and this pandemic comes to an end SOON.

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  3. Every day is becoming a struggle with some issue surrounding us that we have no control over. That includes your bear encounter. I am thankful that you finally got to see a sunrise again. Sorry you had to deal with the sirens and evacuations not knowing what lay ahead. Now back to smoke after our wee break. Are you getting a good deal of cancellations because of the smoke?

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  4. Holy cow! I guess walking nose to snout with a bear is one way to wake up without coffee. Hopefully next time you get to see it, it will be at a distance. I am really hoping the fires are brought under control soon. With everything else going on, I cannot even imagine how stressful that must be.

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