A Vacation 🙂

Well it’s been a year but we finally went on a little vacation 🙂  Early Saturday morning I went for my walk and, while it was a little windy, the smoke from forest fires did make for a pretty sunrise.

If you look closely you can see two people in kayaks paddling along watching the sun rise.

After my walk we packed up our stuff, along with our bikes, and a potato salad and headed down to the lower mainland of British Columbia for a birthday lunch for hubby’s mother.

I noticed the usual wildflowers along the side of the Coquihalla and the connector but, as I was enjoying them, I realised that I always post pictures of wildflowers when we are south but I take them for granted in my own province.  I had to put an end to that so I did my best to get a few photos but they don’t do the flowers justice 😦

There was definitely a haze from nearby forest fires …

And clear signs of the new July Mountain Forest fire …

But shortly after the above photo the sky cleared and it was a nice drive into Abbotsford where we enjoyed lunch with hubby’s mom, his siblings, and their spouses.

After lunch we drove into South Surrey where we were spending Saturday and Sunday night with our oldest son and daughter in law … but more about that in another post.

Until next time …

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