Woohoo, Second Vaccine Done 🙂

We received our notice yesterday morning that we were eligible to book our second vaccine so we wasted no time getting onto the site to make our appointment … imagine our surprise when there was a time for today!  There was only one time and we were both on separate computers so we both clicked at the same time and both got appointments 😀  Yes we were very happy people, and six days shy of eight weeks from our first vaccine.

We have had some nice sunrises the last few days

Since today was our regular coffee get together at a park with people I worked with it was the perfect day to also get our vaccine, we were already going to be out and about.  Also, the weather in Kelowna has been typical Okanagan summer, warm, dry, and sunny so it was the perfect day to ride our bikes into town.

Early this morning we headed off on our bikes, first to coffee then, since we had extra time, a round about route on various bike trails to the clinic where we got our second vaccine.  Now that we are fully vaccinated, we will head down to the south coast of BC in a few weeks to see hubby’s mom, who we haven’t seen since last July, and our son and daughter-in-law.

I don’t want to get too excited but it almost feels like life is getting back to normal … almost, hopefully soon … but I see promise on the horizon 🙂

After our vaccines we rode back along the bike trails to a restaurant in the downtown area that we have wanted to try.  It was a nice lunch sitting out on the patio, although it was warm sitting in the sun!

After lunch we stopped just down the road to try a beer at a local craft brewery that sounded interesting but after a taste test we decided it wasn’t for us … but that’s okay because we found another one that was definitely more to our liking, so we sat inside in the air-conditioning cooling off before our ride home.

A funky interior but we had a very comfy couch to sit on … hubby was getting so comfortable that he said he could have had a nap 🙂

Five hours later we were back at the truck loading our bikes and heading home, it could not have been a better day!

We have to drive to the top of our road because it’s too dangerous to ride our bikes on it.

Until next time …

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