A Wonderful Week Followed By A Painful Weekend 😦

Last week started with a belated Mother’s Day dinner hosted by our daughter. It was a warm sunny evening with a great dinner outside and lots of visiting and even snuggles with our great granddaughter … a lot of fun and definitely worth the wait 😀

We were treated to a beautiful sunset that evening!)

On Tuesday five couples from our Tuesday coffee group came out to the campsite for three nights and boy was that a lot of fun! We had fantastic weather, spent lots of time on the beach during the day and evenings visiting in a large grassy area near their sites.

No pictures of all of us on the beach but the Seagull made the cut 🙂

We had a visit from a steam boat on our last beach day and of course hubby had to spend some time checking it out. These pictures are courtesy of hubby and he did tell me details about it but honestly, I don’t remember most of it, other than it took the owner twenty years to build it and the boat was originally a ferry from Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C.

On the last evening everyone was here I went up to the bedroom to put on some warmer clothes and felt a searing pain in my big toe! I thought I had been stung by a bee and that the stinger was still in my toe because the pain was searing and went on forever. I yelled for hubby to come and get the stinger out and he finally did pull something small and black off my toe but there were no venom sacs on it and the pain didn’t stop. It took about fifteen minutes before the searing pain stopped and the throbbing started. By the next morning my foot was swollen and I couldn’t walk on it. After a visit with Dr. Google and my own doctor it was determined that I had most likely been bitten by a black widow spider 😦 I was advised to go to Emergency at our local hospital but it had been about fourteen hours, and honestly all I wanted to do was sleep, so I decided I wouldn’t go unless the swelling got worse. I slept for two full days and by the third day I could put some weight on my foot and yesterday I was able to get out for my walks … so I survived my first black widow spider bite 🙂 When I first got bit I did look down and saw something small and black so I’m guessing it was a little spider and I got lucky. And since I didn’t want to end this blog with a spider picture, I will leave you with some pretty wild roses instead.

We have more friends staying at the park this week so I’m there will be more fun times ahead.

Until next time …

11 thoughts on “A Wonderful Week Followed By A Painful Weekend 😦

    • I’m all better. We wanted to come over and say goodbye to you before you left on Friday but we were waiting for someone to show up and then they never did show up 😞


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