Family Time

Well the May long weekend at the park was everything we expected it to be! Very very busy, pretty decent weather, lots of people we know, and best of all time with our daughter and her family 😀

An early morning view of Kelowna.

Taken at the same time but it really looks like I took this picture in the fall not a few days ago.

They were able to reserve a site a few months ago and our grandson had finished his two week quarantine on Friday, and he didn’t get COVID, so they were here for the weekend. My cousin’s daughter and her family were also here, and there were about four other families that we know that were here, so it was a very social, with masks and distancing, weekend.

A nice lunch view at the patio of a local golf course.

Along with our grandchildren our great granddaughter was here and it was fun making faces at her and watching her smile. We still can’t hold her but at least she sees us and she doesn’t make strange so that is a relief!

Everything is starting to bloom in the park.

We did have some heavy rain last night but we need it so I’m not complaining. I tried to get a picture of the torrent of rain coming off the awning but it didn’t work, you will just have to take my word for it 🙂 This morning most of the park is packing up and getting ready to head back home and by this afternoon we will be back to peace and quiet. I love hearing all the kids during the weekend but the peace and quiet is also nice. We need to enjoy that before school gets out and it is noisy all the time.

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. I’m glad you had a social weekend. You don’t wear masks outside, do you? We can social distance but without the masks. Not sure how old your sweet g.granddaughter but I would be hard pressed not to hold her. 😦

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    • We have to wear masks if we can’t keep 6 feet of distance between people not living in our house. Campsites do not allow for that type of spacing and we are happy to keep our masks on to keep our family safe.

      Our great granddaughter is six months old and we have to respect her mother’s wishes. Hopefully we will be able to hold her soon but are happy to spend any time we can with her 😊


  2. You are so right about enjoying the calm before the storm. We’re sitting in a very quiet campground at the moment, but our Memorial Day is this weekend and I’m sure this place will be hopping soon! We’re trying to enjoy the peace while it lasts. 😀

    Glad to hear you had some good family time and love your gorgeous photos!

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