We Have Roommates

Last weekend was very warm and sunny so a bike ride was definitely in order and Sunday was the day.  We spent the morning at the park, since it was really busy, but by early afternoon most people had headed home so we headed out.

This really cool car spent the weekend at the park.

We had a late lunch on a patio overlooking Okanagan Lake …

And then made a stop at Vice & Virtue Brewery to sample some craft beers 🙂

We left there, pedalled along the lake and back across the bridge, and stopped to admire the view of Kelowna from the other side of the lake.

Fifteen kilometers later we were done, it was a great day for our first bike ride of the year! And I will leave you with some pictures of our new roommates, Mr. & Mrs. McDuck.  They moved in a week ago and are very well behaved so we are happy to have them around 😀

They are not shy and don’t move when we sit in our chairs outside.

Until next time …

12 thoughts on “We Have Roommates

    • You can keep your coyote. I saw one here last week and we have no shortage of marmots 😊. I love riding down Abbott and we did talk about doing that on Sunday but the north end won out.


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