Happy Mother’s Day

I hope all the mother’s out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day. In BC we are allowed to visit outside with up to ten people, which meant this Mother’s Day I was going to be able to spend it with our daughter and family. YAY, much better than last year 🙂

I love the city view from this campsite

But sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out 😦 On Thursday our almost fourteen year old grandson was exposed to a friend who tested positive for COVID and that means he must isolate for fourteen days. Now he lives with his parents and four siblings which means he has to isolate in his bedroom, alone, for fourteen days. I mentioned that he was almost fourteen … well his first full day of isolation was also his birthday.  I felt so bad for him but when we dropped off his present and talked to him through the window he was in a pretty positive mood. Maybe it was because he had unlimited iPad time and was able to spend some time in the family room playing video games by himself. Or maybe it was because I reminded him he wouldn’t have to do chores for two weeks 😀 He also thought it was pretty cool that he got all his meals served to him and was able to eat in his room.  When I talked with him yesterday morning, he was still upbeat but getting a little bored and that was only day three. Oh and of course Mother’s Day dinner had to be cancelled. We had our vaccine’s this past week but since two weeks have not past we are not able to be around him, so we will have to settle with visits through the window and FaceTime and hope that he can keep his spirits up for the rest of his two weeks. Stay safe everyone and wear your masks to help keep others safe!  Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day. That is such a bummer. You’ll have to BF those arrangements to alter period. What a drag. Hope it’s a pretty day for you otherwise. We are getting our first shots as we speak. Modern.

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    • Oh that brings back such memories “BF”, thanks for that Patti. Congratulations on getting your first vaccine, it was such an uplifting experience for us, I hope it is for you as well 🙂

      And Happy Mother’s Day to you as well, enjoy the rest of your day.


  2. Oh, that sucks… I’m really sorry you guys didn’t get to celebrate as expected. But… it’s great that you’re vaccinated and things are moving along now. I feel awful for folks who’ve had to quarantine within their own homes, but kids are resilient and I’m sure he’ll make it through ok. Cant wait til all of this is in the rearview mirror. Happy Mother’s Day!

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    • It has still been a great day with a two hour FaceTime call with out youngest son and family so I can’t complain. And so far our grandson has no symptoms and is hanging in there 😊 I also can’t wait to wave goodbye and drive far away from COVID.

      Have you guys been vaccinated? I keep thinking about you and wondering how you do that while traveling around.

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      • Yes! We have both now been vaccinated. Our residency was a real concern initially (we’re domiciled in Florida but have been in California all winter), but because we were staying at one particular campground for a month, the local pharmacy we went to said that was good enough for their purposes. Nowadays, they don’t care at all if you’re a local resident. They just want to get vaccines into arms. So, at this point, we’re good to go and very relieved.

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  3. Gosh you have had the worse time trying to get together with your family the past year. I feel so badly for your 14 year old grandson. Just so unfair to him. I hope that he remains symptom free. At least you had beautiful weather for Mothers Day.

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