Spring Is In The Air

Once again I really have nothing to say and not even any pretty sunrise pictures to share.

The best sunrise picture of the past few weeks … I know a little disappointing but it was nice to view where we lived for the winter 🙂

Up until this past weekend the weather has been warm and sunny which means the campground has been a busy place. This past weekend it was only half full since the weather cooled down a bit and rain was forecasted. We did get rain overnight Saturday but it had stopped when I went out for my walk at 5:30 Sunday morning and it really smelt like spring was in the air 😀

But I did get the opportunity to see the trumpeter swans.

I did get the opportunity to see the trumpeter swans one morning. I keep forgetting to mention this in my blog … my blog posts automatically to Facebook, hubby set that up several years ago, but for the past year I have not been on Facebook so if you comment there, I usually won’t see it. I gave up Facebook last summer when a friend posted a comment that insulted me … this was a good friend and I’m sure they didn’t mean to insult me, I think they thought they were being funny, but it did and at that point I decided I didn’t need that stress in my life, so Facebook became a thing of the past. Honestly, I don’t really miss it, I hear directly from my family and friends and enjoy hearing first-hand about what’s going on in their lives. I do miss hearing what cousin’s, previous coworkers, and a few childhood friends are up to, but I can usually find out what they are doing through other family and friends.Anyway, long story short, I don’t miss Facebook but I am sorry that some of you are taking time to comment and I am missing those comments. Sometimes Facebook will send me an email saying someone has commented on the blog and I will go into my Maxx Trails Facebook page and read the comment but I don’t always get a heads up. So, I just want you to know that if you read my blog on Facebook, I really appreciate your support and your comments and I’m sorry if I don’t respond.  I hope you are all well and hopefully have been or will soon be vaccinated.  Hubby and I are still waiting but hoping to be among the vaccinated in May 🙂

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. Those look like Pelicans….If you make an appointment in Kelowna for your shot you might see us if you come Friday Afternoons. We have been volunteering since it started. The age group is getting younger every week. You should be up anytime.soon.

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  2. Can’t imagine anyone insulting you. They must have been goofing around. I saw Traci who said you would have come to Vernon for a visit but no invite and now I feel horrible. I just don’t assume anyone would come all the way to Vernon for a visit just with us. My old insecurities are still intact it appears. I would have loved to see you. We are on our way back now to rest. Ha ha. Wow – that was a very busy 13 days and we saw almost everyone we’d hoped to but not all – you guys included. I’d hoped to get to Kelowna but didn’t make that. Taking my electric bike back to the island. Looking forward to Reg getting his. Once we put the bbq cover on the bike it obscures most of our lights – had forgotten about that so Reg will be following your lead and getting LED lighting to clip to the rack. Beautiful day for a drive, stopping to see my nephew in Abbotsford briefly and haven’t seen him since April 2017 when Reg retired. We were travelling to Vancouver to catch our flight to Mexico – a retirement gift. We were selling our house as we drove down, signed the acceptance papers at the hotel at the airport, then signed the final papers from Mexico. We’d stopped to see Dom on the way, so getting to see him today brings back all these good memories. 😁 Hugs to you both. Still trying to get prepared for south even though, deep down, I really don’t think we’re going anywhere this winter. We’ll have our bikes, you’ll have yours – you could show us the biking trails along the canals of Yuma. Hold that thought. It WILL happen in good time. 😁

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    • So funny, I didn’t want to invite myself because of old insecurities 🙂 We would be happy to come to you the next time you are in Vernon, it’s not fair that you always have to drive to Kelowna. Have a safe trip back to the island and enjoy your memories!

      Let’s hope we are riding the canal this winter … but I’m not holding my breath for going south this winter either.


  3. So happy that you got do see those birds but Trumpeter swans have a black beak. These appear to be pelicans which is a pretty neat to see. Have never seen them in this area. I recall reading that a small group have been in the Kelowna area.

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  4. Who on earth would insult you?!?!?! This whole pandemic has just made people so insensitive and stressed out that they forget that there’s real people on the other side of a computer screen. Hopefully, it’ll all be behind us soon. Take care.

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