It’s Looking Like Christmas Again!

Are you expecting pictures of my poinsettia again? Or are you thinking that it is snowing like crazy? Well in both cases you would be wrong 🙂 Yes my poinsettia still looks like it did the day I brought it home at the beginning of December and no it isn’t snowing, we have a gorgeous sunny day with bright blue sky and no a hint of snow in site, except high on the hills across the lake. So why does it look like Christmas again? Did you guess? If you said they are filming a Christmas movie again then you would be right.A few weeks ago, we received a notice saying they were filming just down the road from us, and over the last two weeks I have seen the dressing rooms and catering units parked in Prospera Place. Today I noticed on Castanet, our on-line news source, that they were filming Falling For Christmas at a house on Ethel Street, several blocks away from us, but nothing about filming in front of our building. So imagine our surprise when we looked out the window this morning around 9:00 a.m. to find the sidewalk covered in snow … and nothing had fallen out of the sky!The snow was trucked in from Big White, a well know Kelowna ski resort. Apparently, they only had to bring in one dump truck for our building, but I heard they had to bring in several for the house shot they were doing on Ethel Street.
We had to go downstairs and get a close up view. Along with the snow along the sidewalk they were also decorating the front of our building and it did look very festive.As often happens when I have my camera at events like this I was told I could not take pictures, for some reason they think I must be media. This was right in front of the entrance to our condo so I told the lady that was fine I would go up to my condo and take pictures from there … yup nothing she could say to that!Below is a picture of two of the extra’s waiting for their entrance … oops I think the guy spotted me taking his picture!And then the filming began. The star, at least I think that is who she is, is the girl in the white coat. The girl at the bottom of the picture in the coat, scarf and holding a coffee is an extra. Que the other extra’s …A lot of equipment …Take two, or it may have been take three or four … We had a great view of all the equipment from the window of our condo …
A pretty impressive camera! The man in the mask beside the camera man walks behind him so that the camera man doesn’t run into anything. A close up of the main actor … And it’s a wrap.

It took less than four hours from the start of set-up to an empty street, but it was a fun four hours for us 😀

Until next time …

11 thoughts on “It’s Looking Like Christmas Again!

  1. Interestingly enough, at least in the U.S., they can’t stop you from taking photos. If you’re on a public sidewalk, they have no control over that. Won’t stop them from trying, but they’ve got no legal authority. Ah well. You showed them anyway!

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    • That is interesting, and I wonder if it is the same in Canada. But like you say I still got my photos including the ones I took on the sidewalk 😊.

      The other time I was told no photos was at a Miranda Lambert concert, again in Canada. That time they want me to give them my camera before they would allow me to go to my seat. There was no way I was doing that when all kinds of people had cameras and cell phones and they were allowed in! I was eventually allowed in and I did sneak a picture just out of spite!


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