A Visit To The Old Neighbourhood

Remember the photo I showed you of the old Woolworths/Bargain Store demolition?

I took the above picture on January 23 so I was really surprised to read last Wednesday, in our local on line news site, that demolition on the building had started on February 22nd.  Seriously their office is only a few blocks away from demolition site, they should really get out more!  Anyway, demolition is really coming along and it doesn’t look like it will be long before there is no sign of the old store anymore.

It really is nice to see the sun rising and setting much earlier and later.  Now when I go for my morning walk it is starting to get light out and I have seen a few pretty sunrises … nothing like down south or at Bear Creek Provincial Park in the summer … but still pretty.

We woke up to beautiful sunny skies today so we decided to take a drive out to Bear Creek Provincial Park and check out the park and our site to make sure everything was okay.

Yup the city can still be seen across the lake 🙂

The weather was warm and sunny and it was the perfect day for a walk in our old neighbourhood 🙂

This is the only place in the park that has any snow.

We will be back in the park in less than five weeks and we are really looking forward to it.

Our site looks empty without us.

Until next time …

12 thoughts on “A Visit To The Old Neighbourhood

  1. I would be so anxious to get to the Ridge if we had no snow like that up there! 🙂 We are hoping 5 weeks too but there is a lot of melting needs to happen. Today is +7 for a high so fingers crossed.

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