It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Oh wait, did Christmas already happen? Well since it didn’t really feel like Christmas this year, I’m willing to let it last a few more days, and this morning’s walk really made it feel like a Christmas wonderland.  We have spent the last few days pretty much the same way we have spent the last six weeks, just the two of us and lots of FaceTime and Zoom visits with friends and family. However we have been able to add hockey into the mix 🙂 Since we are home this year if has been easy to catch all of the World Junior hockey games and so far Canada hasn’t lost a game! The Kelowna Spirit Bear guarding the washrooms below. I also noticed while looking at our expenditure spreadsheet that we haven’t spent a cent on fuel this month and hubby tells me the truck still has a full tank. I was very surprised but in thinking about it, it does make sense, we haven’t gone anywhere other than two trips out for groceries and our blood donation this month. Ogopogo looks chilly 🙂 It was nice fluffy dry snow which is impossible to make into a snowball, they just fall apart. I woke up to a fresh snow fall this morning so it was a really pretty walk and has put me in my happy place 😀 And the snow kept falling! Tomorrow night we will watch Canada play Finland and follow that with a Zoom chat with friends and that will pretty much wrap up 2020. I can’t say 2020 has been a terrible year because honestly it hasn’t been that bad, hubby and I have made the best of it, but I can say I will be glad to see what 2021 has to hold … I think it has to be a more exciting year than 2020 … at least that is what I am praying for. Hubby and I wish you all a very wonderful New Year and hope that 2021 keeps you healthy, safe, and happy.

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. Such beautiful photos of the snow – and it’s especially great when you can just go walk and play in it – not have to shovel the sidewalks or scrape ice from the car windows. That is definitely the way to do it! I sure hope 2021 is kinder too. We could all use a break at this point. Happy New Year!!

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  2. I think the worst part of 2020 for you has been the restriction on seeing your family for the last several weeks. But at least this past week you are able to enjoy walking in a winter wonderland. Tonight is likely to be the last of our snow for a while. Enjoy your first walk of 2021.

    Wishing you a fun evening together and all the best for 2021 including the freedom to cross the border south.

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    • That has been hard, and it’s been six weeks since the new lockdown so I am really feeling it. It’s hard to be home and not see our family.

      But you are right the last few mornings walking in the fresh snow has been fun 😷

      We wish the same for you and Colin in 2021!


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