We Were Elfed … Four Times!

I can honestly say we have never been Elfed before, until this year. We have received gifts from family and friends in previous years but COVID brings its own challenges to exchanging gifts. We are so fortunate to have people who care about us and went out of their way this year to deliver a little something special to put under our tree. We have a few small gifts for each other and a few for Maxx but we took them all out to Calgary when we went at Thanksgiving, because that is where we were planning to spend Christmas. In fact today was when we planned to fly out, but sadly we had to cancel those flights, but we will look forward to collecting our gifts, and more importantly hugs and time together, once the restrictions are lifted.

You can see the Christmas tree in our unit on the left hand side.

Our first elf’s came by on Monday and dropped off a bag of goodies which we went out to the street to pick up and the other three elf’s came today. My 6:00 a.m. walk with a friend, yes we were masked, brought another present for under the tree.

Just before noon our third elf’s came by and we had a walk around the block, again masked, with friends who gave us some more goodies. This afternoon there was a knock on the door, okay we had a heads up since they needed to ring the buzzer to get in, and another container of goodies appeared on our door stop. These ones where from our daughter and grandchildren, it was really nice to see them and we stood at the door while they stood outside more than six feet away (and masked) and we had a short chat. As nice as it was to see them it was heart wrenching not to be able to hug them and very sad to see them walk away. We will just keep thinking on the positive side knowing that things will get better and we will be able to get together soon … short term pain for long term gain 🙂

My 2020 Christmas ornament, I got one for each of our kids as well.

I’m sure this is a very tough time for a lot of people this year, it sure hasn’t been easy for me, but I hope that you can take strength from what you have close to you and have faith that things will be better in 2021.

A perfect sunset for an Elf Day

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “We Were Elfed … Four Times!

  1. although I know you have made the decisions, nope, not us. If our kids were that close, they’d have been hugged. we want no regrets and so far have none. Life is too short. Stay well!
    Merry Christmas!

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  2. I have never heard that expression ‘elved’ before. I like it. So nice that Santa sent so many elves your way. He did send me a memo saying that the first elves came by on Tuesday. Love that Christmas ornament. It is perfect. Nice shot of the building, the city lights and that stunning sunset.

    Hard to watch your family walk away but at least you have each other. Hugs.

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