Oh Boy Some True Days Off🙂

After I left you last Saturday morning we enjoyed time with our three of our grandsons and had friends over for a hot dog roast dinner. Grandpa spent the day working on the boys bikes and installing some lights around their wheels. We had given them one set for Christmas two years ago and another set last Christmas but our oldest and middle grandson kept forgetting to bring the last set out for grandpa to install … this weekend the oldest remember … maybe someday the middle one, who I call B, will remember.

They look really cool when they are riding around the park at night.

So I have no idea why I call “B” by his initial and I don’t do that with any of the others. I always have, since he was a little boy, but now at 13 he has decided that if I call him B he should call me G …I can roll with that 🙂

It was a beautiful day, in fact we have been blessed with nothing but beautiful days for the most part

The odd tree is starting to turn but the summer weather we have been having has delayed the fall colours.

The beginning of our week was much the same as usual but, as I posted on Thursday, early Thursday morning “we load up the truck and moved to Calgary” … is the Beverly Hillbillies song running through your head now .. your welcome 😀 Okay so we didn’t move to Calgary but the line just flowed that way, we headed to Calgary to celebrate Thanksgiving with our son and family.

The flowers in Knowles park where we have Tuesday coffee are in full bloom.

We will spent four nights in Calgary and have our first true days off since last March. We pretty much come and go as we please but Tuesday and Wednesday are our official days off at the park, however we are never really off as people still knock on the door and I still sleep lightly in case someone needs the gate opened in the middle of the night.

A view of Kelowna across the lake from the beach area at the park. The haze is from the forest fires south of the border.

We had planned to stay longer in Calgary because the park always closes on Thanksgiving Monday, but because of the weather and overwhelming popularity they have decided to keep the park open another week, so we had to head back earlier than planned.

The squirrels are enjoying the bird seed hubby throws on the grass for them.

But we will be back at Christmas since this is our year to spend with them. So even though it will be sad to leave on Monday we will see them again in two months.

A Downy Woodpecker enjoying the last of the finch food.

And stay tune for next Saturday where you will find out what our COVID winter has in store for us 🙂

Taken last Sunday

We hope all our Canadian friends have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Until next time …

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