Little People Snuggles

Our youngest son and his family were here for four nights over the past weekend so hubby and I were treated to lots of little people snuggles from our two youngest grandchildren who are three and four. And as an added bonus our daughter and her family came out for Friday and Saturday night so we had some big people hugs from our four older grandchildren. The only thing that would have made the weekend better was if our oldest son and his family had been able to come, but I can’t be greedy 😀

There may have been a few pitchers of Sangria consumed 🙂

We came across an interesting sight during one of our evening walks. A group of campers in a double site had a sauna delivered for the duration of their visit and they gave us a tour. It is a pretty neat unit and costs $100.00 per day plus delivery. With our evenings cooling down a bit I’m sure they enjoyed it!

Last Wednesday we celebrated our 42 wedding anniversary the same way we have done many times before when we were still working … a glass of champagne around the campfire at Bear Creek Provincial Park. Things have changed a little, in past years I would be off on holidays but hubby would still go to work from the campsite and now we actually live here 🙂

We have had a bear in the park so I am now walking with my bear bells and bear spray and really wishing it would get lighter earlier. I have had to change the pattern of my walk because I don’t want to walk the beach and along the creek in the dark, but that means I miss seeing the sun rising 😦 Although we really haven’t seen the sun for the past week as we are smothered in smoke from the fires in Washington and Oregon.

But I did manage to get a few pictures last week 🙂

Oh and I had another highlight this week as well … we are expecting our first great grandchild in November and our granddaughter invited me to her 3D ultrasound … it was so amazing to see our great granddaughter sucking her hand and sticking her feet in her face 😀 Yup we are young to be great grandparents but are so looking forward to having many years watching our great granddaughter grow up into a young lady.
Well that about sums up our last few weeks, I hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

Until next time …

10 thoughts on “Little People Snuggles

  1. A belated Anniversary Wish with many more to follow.
    Still some nice pictures coming your way.
    You were lucky to have such a nice family gathering.
    Hopefully a new administration can get a handle on the Virus, Fires and Hurricanes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  2. It’s so nice to hear some good, happy news. Congratulations on becoming great grandparents and happy anniversary, too! Hopefully you’ll be seeing a bit of a break from the smoke soon. We finally got some real improvement today because of rain and cooler temps. Hopefully that will be the new trend!

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