An Interesting RV Move

We had another stunning sunrise on Monday. As I was finishing my walk I noticed some pretty colours showing up over the lake.

So off I went back down to the lake and I sure wasn’t disappointed 🙂

I think I have mentioned the couple and their two children who lost their house in a fire last year. Well on Wednesday their new pre-fab home was delivered, but in order for them to unload the truck they had to move their RV off their property to make room. Hubby went over on Tuesday evening and moved them down to the park where they spent the night in the overflow parking lot. Then on Wednesday evening he moved them back up to their property … and that is were the fun began 😀
They have a very steep driveway but he managed that easily with the truck in four wheel drive, but once he got up to the flat area he wasn’t able to pull far enough forward to back the trailer into it’s new spot. Adding to the challenge was a very large hole that had to be left open for a sewer inspection.

But hubby is always up for a challenge and fortunately so is the owner of the RV! So RV owner hops into the zoom boom, which they had used to unload the house from the delivery truck, and between the two of them they were able to lift the rear end of the trailer up, move it over, and position is perfectly so that hubby was able to back it into it’s new home.

Once the foundation is done hubby will be helping them build their new house and we are so excited for them to finally have a house to live in again … it has been a long fifteen months for them but the end is in site.
And our week ended with fun time spent with friends of ours who were out at the park for three nights. We had a great time spending days on the beach and evenings chit chatting.

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “An Interesting RV Move

  1. Quite the nerve wracking experience. I find myself not wanting to watch that stuff when it’s going on. Wonder where the men get there nerve from sometimes. 🙂 Well done Bob – proud of you!


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