Well first it was the hummingbirds and now it is the Finch that are eating us out of house and home! Between the two sets of birds one of us might have to get a job 🙂

Along with our two hummingbird feeders we have always had a finch feeder hanging in the trees where we can see it from our outside chairs.

One morning we were watching the finch fly up to our windows beside the kitchen table. I think they were trying to get at the flowers on the table beside the window, hubby thinks they were picking bugs off the window. Either way we both thought we should put up a feeder in the tree beside the windows and see if they would come.
We had the feeder up for a least three weeks and never saw a single bird. We decided they must get scared off by us sitting at the table. But then one morning I noticed the food in the feeder was going down although we still hadn’t seen any birds. Eventually we noticed them at the feeder but they would fly away if we moved or got close to the window.

It didn’t take long though before they didn’t care if we were at the table or moving around, they happily munched away at the seed. Now along with filling our two hummingbird feeders every few days we are also filling this finch feeder every few days. They still eat from the other feeder hanging out front but not nearly as much as they do from the one by the kitchen windows.

Now they like to pose and show off while we eat our meals 🙂

Until next time …

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