A New Place To Walk

Hubby went up the hill to some friends of ours who live near the park. He was helping them out with something and I went along for the ride so I could see all the changes they had made. Since hubby was going to be there for a while I decided to walk back to the park. Now Westside Road is narrow and busy with traffic so I decided to walk down through some property owned by Tolko Forestry Products. This is just open land with a walk through gate providing access.

There were lot’s of wildflower in bloom and, although I didn’t get any pictures, the butterflies were everywhere!

While this is private property they have mowed some paths through the grass so that you can get up to the bluff that overlooks Okanagan Lake.

The flat area to the right on the lake is the campsite.

They have also cleared a narrower path down to what is left of the paved road which heads down the hill to the lake.

It was such a pretty walk back down to the lake where I ended up right at the beach beside the park. I am definitely going to do this walk again when the skies are bright blue.

At one time this property was for sale but I can no longer find a listing for it. We believe they were asking 12.5 million and it was only zoned for a single family house.

Until next time …

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