Nothing To Say

I keep thinking I need to write a blog but honestly I have nothing to say. We are still keeping busy with our Social Distance coffee groups … in fact our Tuesday group now has the name BAGs, which stands for Back Alley Group since we meet in the back alley behind a strip of stores.

The view from the parking lot at BAG coffee.

Our Wednesday Fed Ex group has been meeting at various locations, the last two weeks were here in the park.

Last week the SLOBs all congregated at the campground for three nights. Do you remember the SLOBs? That is the acronym we came up with for the three other couples and ourselves when we went on the Panama Cruise. It was a fun time even though the weather wasn’t the greatest.

This guy followed a friend and I around the park early one morning and then finally jumped over the chain and through the gap in the gate to get out. He also had a friend with him but the friend continued on to the creek and got out that way.

Tomorrow our oldest son and his wife are coming up from the coast for the day. They are going to spend some time with us, which will involve roasting hotdogs on the fire, and then picking up our grandson from school and taking him home with them for a visit. It is so nice that they only live three hours away now and can do that more often.

The lake is just above full pool and will hopefully start to drop and we will see the return of the beach.

And that’s it, I have nothing else of interest to share and what I did share probably isn’t that interesting to most people but it’s all I have 🙂

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Nothing To Say

  1. You certainly are keeping very busy every week. Lucky that you have so many friends nearby. I would be be very interested in knowing how your park is doing, busy or not, etc.

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