WooHoo We Have Toilet Paper!!

I know most of you are probably thinking it’s not that hard to get toilet paper anymore and while that is true for most people, it’s not the case when you live in an RV. RV tanks require TP that doesn’t clump and breaks up shortly after hitting water. We know many RVers use Costco toilet paper but it has never passed the RV toilet paper test so we don’t use it.

Pictures of toilet paper are boring so here are some of my flowers.

Our go to toilet paper that, during the test, outperforms any other toilet paper is Western Family Premium Soft toilet paper from Save On Foods and until this morning we have been unable to get any 😦

So here we were down to our last roll of TP and feeling really desperate. Okay to be fair we did buy another Costco size package of Kirkland brand (and did the TP test again and it failed) because we were unable to get any Western Family TP. We figured we may not have a choice and would just have to deal with whatever it did to our tanks.

After some discussion on Sunday, when we realized we only had one role of good TP left, we decided that Save On Foods may get a truck in after the weekend, and stock the shelves Monday night, so we would go at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and hope we were right. Guess what?? It worked … we now have a new supply of RV quality toilet paper 😀

My sister gave me a lot of plants that she had started earlier this year. Now I just need some more dirt to plants them.

And what will we do with the big supply of Costco toilet paper? Well, because of the pandemic, it is looking like we won’t be going south this winter :frown: Neither one of us wants to spend a cold winter living in the RV so we will probably buy or rent a house or a town house or a condo, so there will be lot’s of opportunity to use that toilet paper.

Until next time …

19 thoughts on “WooHoo We Have Toilet Paper!!

  1. You’re the 4th Canadian full-timer that has said they won’t be heading south next winter.😔 This virus sure has turned our world upside down. Enjoy your summer and I’ll be interested to hear what your future plans are.

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      • It seems a lot of us that have been full-timing for a while are rethinking things. I feel sorry for the folks just starting out as full-timers. The lifestyle isn’t what it used to be and more so now than ever before.


      • Oh we are by no means giving up the full time life style … well I guess if we buy we will because we will have a home to live in during the summer … but we have no idea if we want a house or a condo or??? So I suspect we will rent first and try out different options before we buy.

        If a vaccine is developed then we may head south but at this point it looks like the pandemic will have us staying in Kelowna for the winter. Hopefully we can rent somewhere for the winter and then go back to the RV next summer … I guess time will tell.

        Like you I also feel sorry for the new full timers, especially if this was their first year. This is a tough situation to deal with if you don’t have somewhere to hunker down.

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  2. lol. Good article. We use Purex usually cause it passed the water shake test – as did Charmin. No problems but we decided to go the garbage our tissue daily rather than flush it. No worries period. Have heard too many nightmare stories. Used to this from Mexico. I will admit to one or two squares going down a day- the rest in the bin. Aren’t you glad you asked? Ha ha

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  3. Happy to read you were able to procure your toilet paper of choice. Now that is a sentence I never thought I would right in the comments section of anyone’s blog…LOL
    Your patio/yard area looks very inviting. Take care.

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  4. Who knew you’d one day be blogging about the joys of finding toilet paper!! Strange times, these are…. 🙂

    Sadly, it looks like you won’t be coming south across the border and we won’t be going north this year. I have a feeling it might be a long while before the it opens. What a total bummer. 😦

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  5. We have used Kirkland t.p. for 9 years since we started rving and the last 4 years fulltime with no problem. Their website claims that it is safe to use in rv’s, marine, septic systems and households so we will continue. I’m glad, however, that you found the one you were looking for.
    As for the winter plans, if the borders open we are gone. We are feeling positive that they will be! (fingers crossed!) 🙂

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  6. We have used the Kirkland brand in the RV for years but we do garbage it – most of the time. With back flushing for an hour with every dump we have had no problems.

    As to staying here for the winter, you can always move to an RV park like ours for the winter and do a few things to keep warmer and you would be just fine. Our RV park fills with Canadians who can’t head south because of the cost of medical travel insurance.

    However if the border opens why not head to your place in the US. You can self isolate there for the winter as well as here but be much warmer. If the border opens we will certainly head to Mazatlan in our RV for the winter. But we will keep to ourselves as we head south and while there, depending on the situation. No crowded happy hours but perhaps some with a few friends still physically distancing. Sadly we have cancelled our Yellowstone trip next month and hope to get our October money back for that big trip.

    Good luck with your decision.

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