Rainy Days And …

Okay Monday’s doesn’t work since it’s Thursday but it’s the song that has been happily dancing around in my head all day 🙂

My view out the window as I write this blog.

Living in the Okanagan area of British Columbia and spending our winters south we don’t see a lot of really rainy days. In Kelowna we may have a rainy day but it rains for a short period, stops, the sun comes out, then a little more rain, it stops, and the cycle continues and the next day the sun is out.

The flowers are out on the Wild Plum Tree.

I grew up in the lower mainland of British Columbia and being on the coast I was used to rainy days on end. I don’t really remember them bothering me, in fact I have some very happy memories as a kid camping when it rained all weekend and my sister and I would chill in the tent with books and spend the day reading. Or we would sit under a tarp by a large fire and read our books … all was good in the world.

We also have a Wild Cherry Tree in the park.

We camped a lot when our three children were growing up and they all learned at a young age how to put up a large tarp to cover the campsite … usually to keep the sun out, but occasionally the rain.

The flowers will be out soon.

So for most of today we had rain and I am in a great mood. I think nothing is better than being forced to stay inside under a blanket and read a book because it’s raining to much to go out for a walk 😀

Although today we did have friends drop by to drop off two face masks that she had made for us and we took a socially distance walk around the park. It was like the rain knew they were coming and it stopped, the sun came out, we finished our walk and the clouds came back and the rain started up again.

Barry and Barbara Beaver are still busy destroying the trees in the park 😦

I would have liked to get my last 500 steps in but as our oldest son always say “Meh, no big deal”. Yup all in all Rainy Days and Thursday was a good day for me!

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Rainy Days And …

  1. Listen to the Rhythm of the ………………..
    Yup, those are okay days. In our world, rain means ‘warm’. Glad you got out for a walk in between. 🙂

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  2. We got back from our walk about 2 minutes before the sky opened yesterday. Perfect timing.

    We moved here from the rainy west coast. The rain got to be too much and back in 2003 we had 40 days and night of rain non stop so we put our house up for sale and moved here the fall of 2003.

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  3. We have been experiencing a lot of rain here in Mississippi, also. I wrote that and then thought I wonder if that is normal for spring here? I have no idea. One thing for sure it is very green.
    Everything by you seems to be bursting forth with beautiful color. Really like the view out your window.

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