Home For A Month

Well we arrived home one month ago today and nothing much has changed.

Maxx is still covered in road grit because it’s just been to cold to wash him. He has been thoroughly cleaned and polished inside so I guess one thing has changed.

I think we have been out a total of three times. Once to pick up some stuff from our daughters, they stayed upstairs while we got our stuff out of their storage room and I wiped everything down as we left the house. I shed more than a few tears on the way home that day, it is so hard to be so close and not able to give them all hugs or stay for a visit 😦

Once our fourteen day self isolation ended we did a major grocery shop so we don’t need to go out for another month.

Our last outing was to donate blood and it was interesting to see the changes they made to keep social distance for everyone.

The rest of our time has been spent reading, watching TV, and walking around the park. You can see by the pictures that spring may finally be on it’s way. We are supposed to get a high of 20C (70F) today so maybe Maxx will get a bath and I may be able to get some of my gardens ready for planting.

The Oregon Grape that gets full sun during the day is in full bloom and smells really pretty.

I took the picture below of our wild plum tree four days ago.

And I noticed this morning that it is beginning to bud, soon it will be covered in flowers 🙂

One morning I’m going to skip my walk and sit on this bench with my coffee and watch the sun rise.

Until next time …

3 thoughts on “Home For A Month

  1. Fortunately the beauty we have around us helps to pass time. We have been out twice, once to Save On with a stop at IGA to get solar salt ( I stayed in the car ). A week ago we went to the Greenery but they only had 50% of their veggies out.

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  2. That bench does look inviting. Your pictures are beautiful and certainly say spring. The violets look gorgeous. All together everything you posted says peaceful.
    Hoping and praying we all get to hug our families soon!

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