The Animals Of Bear Creek Provincial Park

Remember the picture of the three pelicans I posted the other day? It turns out they are very rare, there was an article about them on our local on line news site. This breed of pelican is rare and is considered an “at-risk species” in British Columbia. They believe the birds were returning to their home in northern British Columbia after being south for the winter.

The pelicans have one nesting colony in British Columbia at Stum Lake, 70 kilometres west of Williams Lake. The park at Stum Lake is closed every year from March 1 to August 31 because the pelicans nest there.

I did see Barry the Beaver when I went for my walk yesterday. And I did have a conversation with him about the destruction he and his friends are doing in the park but I don’t think he really cared what I had to say!

We have also been watching a large ant farm that has been here as long as we have been here. Those ants are busy doing whatever ants do.

I took this picture at the end of March and they must have been hiding inside trying to keep warm.

I took this picture a week later and you can see there are a lot of ants and they are very busy.

There is a lot less traffic on the road in front of the park so we have been entertained by the Mountain Sheep for the past few weeks.

We saw this guy on March 31, he was all alone which is unusual.

We saw these guys on April 4th, I counted twenty-seven of them!

Yesterday we looked out the window and saw a large group meandering up the road.

They hung around long enough for hubby to grab my camera and get pictures

I still see geese every morning but I find them annoying so I don’t take their pictures. Maybe if they have babies I will get some pictures. And the ducks and marmots are still around but they may need to have babies as well before I take their pictures 🙂

Until next time …

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