Wow I’ve Never Seen That Before!

The weather was above freezing when I woke up this morning so I decided it was a good day to go out for my early morning walk. Up until now it has been to cold so I have been waiting until after breakfast to go but I really feel like I miss things when I go that late … like the sunrise

I went out about half an hour later than usual so I just caught the tale end of the sunrise, but it was still pretty.

I was armed with my bear spray and bear bells so fortunately I didn’t see any of them, but I also didn’t see any deer or Barry and Barbara Beaver. Although the beaver are still around because there is no shortage of trees with their teeth marks in them, or trees completely toppled over 😦

What I did get to see was something I have never seen before on Okanagan Lake … and no it wasn’t Ogopogo because I have seen him before … yup I really have! I saw three pelicans floating in the lake and they were very beautiful.

I sure wish I had my camera instead of my phone.

After some research I found out that during the breeding season, both males and females develop a bump on the top of their large beak and you can see that bump in the picture above. This bump indicates the birds interest in breeding and is shed once breeding season ends.

I sure hope I get to see baby pelican’s around the park this year!

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “Wow I’ve Never Seen That Before!

  1. Remember back in Neanderthal times the guy used to chase the women with the big club. That was kinda the same result!!! Your sunrise was beautiful.

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  2. Beautiful sunrise and how it is reflecting on the water. Cameras can be cumbersome but isn’t that the way it happens? The things you see without it. At least you got a nice picture. I wish I could click on it to make it larger. Interesting about the pelican bump, but how can you tell a male from a female? I’ll have to Google it too. 🙂

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