And That’s A Wrap On Week Two

We have finished our two weeks of self isolation/quarantine and while I am happy we are both healthy I’m not sure I’m really ready to go out into the world. There is a very large part of me that would like to continue to stay in this wonderful little bubble we are in but we need some groceries.

Thanks to our daughter and my sister we had plenty to eat but we need to stock up on meat and fresh vegetables. When we were travelling home our daughter asked me for a shopping list so that she could deliver it to us once we arrived at the park. We didn’t need a lot of stuff and I looked in our freezer and counted up the meat and knew I was good for two weeks. What I didn’t realize is that the freezer was mostly full of steak and shrimp with just a few other types of meat and no chicken which is devastating for me. So every night for the past week I have asked hubby what he wants for dinner the next day and he pretends to think and then answers “I think I would like steak” 🙂 Good answer since that is his only option, but then to hubby that is the best option! If we had a freezer full of chicken he would have been very disappointed.

Anyway we are going to enjoy today’s freedom, which isn’t any different than any other day for the past two weeks but somehow it feels a little more free 🙂

Tomorrow we will venture out and hopefully get enough groceries for the next two weeks.

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “And That’s A Wrap On Week Two

  1. Our day of release is tomorrow. Groceries are on the agenda, and then stay put for a couple more weeks at least. We might take a short drive across the City to see what has changed over the winter. The Towers under construction certainly look bigger.

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  2. Nice earrings! I read an article yesterday that said toilet paper usage in homes is up 40%. Commercial use is way down…..because everyone is at home. Go figure.
    Enjoy your new-found freedom. I have a couple more days then it’ll have to be a grocery run.
    Stay safe!

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    • Well toilet paper useage in our house is way down as we are rationing. So far we have been unable to get the toilet paper that we use in the RV. If we don’t get some soon we will have to use something else and not flush it 😞


  3. Tp is not a worry for us, YET. Costco sells it in large qties and it is suitable for rvs.
    Love the earrings. Hope you enjoy(ed) your first day of freedom. For us, it was a morning and other than getting water and propane (and cream and milk), we are good for at least a couple of weeks too.
    We won’t be going out much more either, just nice to know we can and I can walk the roads again!

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    • We have done the RV test on some toilet paper from Costco and it didn’t disintegrate. Since toilet paper is such an issue we don’t want to buy a Costco size package and find out its the wrong stuff. We have found Western Family disintegrates in no time so that is what we use.

      Enjoy the extra freedom you have 🙂


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