Is It Really Spring?

A while ago I posted pictures of the creek with ice in it but it quickly melted so I thought spring might be on it’s way … that is until this morning 😦 It was -4C (24.8F) when I woke up this morning.

I actually waited until after lunch, when it had finally warmed up to 5C (41F), to go out for my first walk of the day. The sun was out so it felt a little warmer and then I came across some spring flowers … Yay maybe spring really is here!

And then I walked up along the creek and was greeted with fresh ice in the water 😦

Maybe spring isn’t here … but I came across more flowers so I’m going to look at that as a positive sign.

And here is a thought … do you think we will all be able to lower our voices when talking to people once we no longer need to social distance?

Until next time …

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