Yahoo, Fresh Air

The closed signs where posted on all the gates at the park on Saturday and the last pedestrian gate was locked so we were able to get outside for a walk 🙂

There is still ice along the sides of the creek, we have never seen that before when we return.

On weekdays there are workers in one loop, on the other side of the creek, upgrading all the sites but they have a fence up to stop people from walking in that area, and they are not coming into the rest of the park, so we are okay to walk around with no fear of running into them.

The beavers have been really busy this year. That’s three big trees they have brought down.

The park managers are also living on site but they know we are in quarantine so they give us a wide berth, but so far we have not even seen them walking while we are walking.

The only other area we have to stay clear of is behind the main washroom where they are working on sprinkler lines … but the park is 440 acres so there is lots of area for us to walk without coming anywhere near other people.

I wonder how long it takes them to chew through a tree this size?

We are now on day ten and still doing well. We have caught up on a few TV series, Maxx has had a deep clean, I filed our income tax, and have read more than a few books.

Still a lot of snow on the hills surrounding Kelowna.

We have had three grocery deliveries, two from our daughter and one from my sister. We could have done without the last two but there were a few more things that we wanted and they were happy to get them for us. It makes us laugh when they pull up in front of the gates to drop off our groceries. They drop the groceries and then get back in their vehicle. Once they are behind closed doors and drive off we open the gates and quickly haul our stuff in. I feel like we are in jail because the gates have razor wire on top 😀

I have some more jokes which I will share over the next few days if anyone is interested. Most of them have been flying around Facebook so they may be old news to some of you.

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Yahoo, Fresh Air

  1. Glad you are able to walk around your section of the park.
    That Beaver has really been busy.
    Since I don’t do Facebook you can add all the jokes you want.
    With the Virus going around we all need a laugh.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

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  2. Ha ha. Yes, it kiind of does feel like a jail and we are dangerous. Do not come near!! Oh well, all for the good. I’m glad you are getting out, people know enough to stay away and you need fresh air for your health too. 🙂 Just a few more days.

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