How Is It Going?

I know that this is tough times for everyone and we all have our own challenges to face right now. With us, and all other returning snowbirds, it’s how to deal with the fourteen days of self isolation.

We are now into day 6 and so far so good … hubby and I haven’t killed each other … and our daughter and my sister are ensuring we are okay for groceries.

Another blogger couple we know did the right thing by not bring fruits, vegetables, and other restricted foods into Canada but then immediately faced the challenge of how to get groceries once they arrived home. They have no family in town but did have a guardian angel come to their rescue.

We know another couple who have a dog but live in an area with no fenced yards … how do you take your dog out to do it’s business? I have no idea what the safe answer to that question is, but I know whatever they do it will be safe and keep others safe.

Other people we know are trying to make their way back to Canada and are making decisions over what groceries they can and should bring. If you have nobody to buy you groceries I can see the logic in bringing what you need across the border, especially when wait times for grocery deliveries is up to two weeks!

Still others are staying put were they are and looking at a lot of us like we rushed home for no reason. And yes I could make a lot of arguments on this one, but I will say that we all had our own reasons for coming home just as those that are staying have their reasons. Hubby and I are glad we came home for several reasons; our medical coverage was cancelled as of March 23 but what really points out to us that we made the right decision is the alarmingly fast rate that the virus is growing in the US! I for one am glad I am not bringing that risk back to Canada and those I hold dear.

I saw this headline on CBC News today “Mandatory quarantines for internationl travellers kick in at midnight; health minister”. The article states that “The government has been pleading with Canadians to self-isolate if they’ve returned from a trip since mid-March, but this move under the Quarantine Act makes it a legal obligation.”

So for those of you that are safely tucked away, and doing your legal and moral obligation to protect all Canadians, what are you doing to keep yourself busy?

Hubby and I finally finished The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel series and have a few other series that we want to watch. This quarantine time has also given us a chance to sit on the phone for hours and hours trying to cancel his US mobile service, as I write this hubby is on his sixth attempt within the last week to cancel his Spectrum mobile plan. Yesterday, after many hours on the phone, he was finally able to get my Canadian mobile service working right, but we still have to go in and show our ID after our quarantine period is up 😦

So I will leave you with this picture of my view out the window as I write this blog … I long for the day when I can go outside for a walk 🙂                🙂                  🙂 Notice the social distancing in those smiles?  That was a good laugh in an email from our neighbours in Yuma!

Until next time …

9 thoughts on “How Is It Going?

  1. I remember when you decided to do the annual lot in Yuma. So last April we did the same thing in Phoenix and now I’m so glad we did. We don’t have to worry about where to “stay in place”. Hopefully, we’ll still be able to head to northern WI come June because I don’t relish the idea of spending the summer in Phoenix.

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  2. 4 days in, and we are still surviving! Isolation work differently for everyone it seems. At least I can work on the gardens in my own yard. Now if only I could get the nosy neighbour to stop wandering into the yard every time I am out there!


  3. We have said how fortunate we are in our location and reading your post, I once more say it. We are blessed up here on the Ridge.

    Surely your friends with the dog can take their dog out on a leash in their own yard. They have no choice but to look after their furbabies. If you are early risers, maybe a quick walk away from others at 7 am is the way to go. I know you love the outdoors and fresh air is necessary.

    Being full-time, we always have lots of food stuff in our Suite. Each overnight on the way home from the south, we nipped into the Walmarts at 7 am to buy a few more things. We never gave any thought to what we could bring across as we’ve never been asked. Canada’s border just asked the basic questions and scooted us across. I hope the people you mention are able to find someone to shop for them.

    I know you read my post so know what other ‘things’ we get in to. A few rainy days coming so you can bet a puzzle will be coming out soon! 🙂
    Good luck, stay healthy you two!

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