A Few Last Pictures

We are all settled in at the campground and are into day three of our fourteen day Self Isolation. I did post signs on the Camp Host sign at the front of our site, the pamphlet rack bulletin board, and on the door window of Maxx, saying that we had just returned from the US and were in self isolation until April 2nd. BC Parks did close all their parks until April 30th and the gates of the park are locked, but people still find ways to come in and wander around. In previous years they have knocked on the door with their questions on how to get sites, or when is the campground opening, so I wanted to make it clear that we wouldn’t be able to talk to them expect through the closed window of the RV.

Park Lake on Highway 17, Washington.

I also finally manage to convince our mobile provider that I was unable to go into our local store and show them my ID … they really don’t need this since we already have an account with them for our home line which we do not suspend in the winter. So at least I have some data which we can use for the next two weeks.

We had a beautiful sunset on our last night in the US.

Other than that we have been pretty lazy the last few days and today wasn’t any different. Tomorrow I want to start doing a deep clean on the inside of the RV and if nobody is around hubby will start on the outside.

It was very comforting to see Okanagan Lake on our way home.

But for now we are enjoying our self isolation … I hope wherever you are you are safe and healthy and enjoying your day 😄

Until next time …

13 thoughts on “A Few Last Pictures

  1. I read that they are now calling it quarantine in BC and that you go into self isolation after the 14 days. When in self isolation you can go grocery shopping ( one of you ) and to medical appointments. Correct me if I am wrong. Now that our grocery shopping is done we are in quarantine/self isolation starting today. Other than grocery shipping with precautions, we have been in self isolation since we left Mexico on the 15th.


    • I just read that Contessa. Do you need to stop for fuel on the way home, I know you might not need to because you have a motor home but at the very least you are going to have to speak to someone at the border so I don’t think your quarantine officially starts until you cross the border. We also had been in isolation for several days before we arrived home but spoke to the border guard so our now “quarantine” started then.


      • I am well aware that we still need to do that first 14 days once we arrive. We just feel good that we have already been protecting ourselves. The thing is that once we arrive we home we have to unload the RV and are allowed to be on the street for three days. Then we will have to drive the RV to the storage area and walk back.


  2. Miss you but are so relieved that you are back home and safely. We’re socially isolating and an occasional quick trip to Sonic drive in for ice!! Ha

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  3. We are also into our 3rd day of quarantine but eventually we will need propane and RO water. Also cash from a bank machine and we can only do that ourselves.
    Stay healthy and enjoy the isolation. 🙂


    • From what I read in the news, after returning to Canada we are now required to quarantine for fourteen days, it is no longer “self” isolation. Can your neighbour who brought over the card, your sister, or your close friends not get you water and propane and then you could e-transfer the money to them? Do you need to go to the bank if you are going nowhere for two weeks?

      I know all our situations are different but If we want to put an end to this pandemic and protect fellow Canadians we all need to do our part and right now that is staying quarantined for fourteen days.


  4. Hey Guys! Good to see you are safe and sound. We arrived in Canada Saturday night and are in quarantine here at Gull Lake as of Sunday. Our neighbor across the street was kind enough to refill our propane tank. He works for a propane dealer. We’re having to live through -15C temps at night. Sure hope it warms up!!
    Stay safe!

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  5. I was reading your blog today and noticed a few days back that you had a wheel shear off all the lug bolts on your Wildcat Maxx. This is very interesting as we own a 2012 Wildcat Sterling, which is the same trailer and we had the same issue more than once, even tho we were torquing our lugnuts every so many days of driving. I initially thought it was the wheels, so we put steel wheels on the rig, but after getting new tires again from the Wildcat factory in Dallas, OR, we continued to have tire issues. It wasnt until I replaced the cheap made trailer tires with truck tires from Les Schwab that our tire issue went away. we now have had several years of no issues since doing that. Not sure if you have had other tire issues with your trailer, but I suggest looking at truck tires and the next set I am going to use is Michelins only. good luck. Doug Hinman, Crooked River ranch Oregon. ps we usually put on about 15,000 miles per year on our trailer! feel free to email me if you have any questions about our experiences with the trailer and tires.

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    • Thanks for that information Doug. This is the first time the studs sheered off but we have had other tire issues, so we really appreciate your suggestion. Since we need to replace at least two tires we will look at replacing them all with truck tires and hope that works.

      And thanks for reading my blog, I hope you continue to follow along.


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