Yes We Are Healthy And On Our Way Home!


I was thrilled to come across this field of “shamrocks” when we drove down Avenue of the Giants a few years ago! Did you know that there is no such thing as a “Shamrock Plant”? The word shamrock comes from the Irish word seamrog meaning “little clover”.

I know all our family and friends are worried about us and don’t understand why we are not already back home and believe me we wish we were … but here is the wrinkle … trailers do not tow well in snow or on icy roads 😦 And while we both want to be home we also want to be home alive.

If the roads had allowed we would have left last week when our son’s planned visit was cancelled, but there were several storm fronts coming through and there was no safe route to take. As hubby always does, he has been monitoring our options and we planned on leaving this morning and fortunately things are still looking reasonably good so we are on our way home 🙂

Our hope is to be back in Canada by March 23rd, if not earlier, but we have a few days of possible snow coming up so it will be what it will be.

Our site looks so empty and lonely. Hubby planted my two bougainvillea along the fence so it will be interesting to see how they look next winter … I’m told many people don’t water them during the summer so we will see.

It always makes me feel loved when we leave the park and all our friends are outside to wave goodbye to us. It is sad to leave but I am always anxious to get home this time of year and see all our family and friends but never more than this year. Even hubby feels the same way because he is breaking his no more than three hours of driving in a day and we are going to put on some miles each day. We will just feel much better when we are home … albeit all alone, with maybe no food or toilet paper, for two weeks of self isolation … but hey at least we are home and I need to loose the cruise weight!

We have had so much rain this year so I expected to see lots of green and flowers along the way.

And I wasn’t disappointed the Ocotillo, which are one of my favorite cactus, are all in bloom.

We noticed along our drive today that almost all of the vehicles on the roads were Canadians heading home … just a long line of RV’s with Canadian plates. Even the poor fellow at the Border Patrol station was looking bored and waving everyone through with a “have a safe travel home” comment, a smile and a wave.

We did get stopped for construction and ended up shut down with some time to get out of the truck and stretch our legs.

Looking forward

Looking back

Nice to have the opportunity to stretch but not so nice to have a delay on a long driving day 😦 I think it added another half hour to our day.

But I got a few close-up flower pics 🙂

I don’t think we will have cell service where we are stopping tonight so I am posting this as we are leaving the Las Vegas around 3:00 p.m.  As of midnight all the casinos in Vegas closed down and if it wasn’t such a long travel day we might have towed the trailer down the strip just for $@#$ and giggles 😁

Of course there is a toilet paper shortage so we can’t afford the @#$ portion of that event!

But I will leave you with my thought of the day … Yesterday I ran into Walmart to pick up some milk before we headed out today and I noticed they were out of toilet paper, but also crackers, cereal, laundry soap, and milk. Now of course I was disappointed because I really wanted milk but what occurred to me on my drive home is that people are preparing to hunker down. While they are hunkered down they must plan on eating fibrous cereal which explains the need for all the milk, and crackers which also have fibre. Of course we all know what fibre does to a body so they will be spending lots of time on the toilet thus the need for so much toilet paper. Now most houses only have one or two bathrooms so some of the household members will have to wait for the bathroom and will have accidents and that explains why they need all the laundry soap. Of course this is just my theory 🙂

Until next time …

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