Panama Canal Cruise – Day Fourteen

I woke up at my usual 4:00 a.m., peeked out the window and sure enough we were coming into Miami. I quietly grabbed my camera and slipped out onto the deck to watch our approach.

An hour later hubby joined me and we watched the sun come up as we docked.

We had to be out of our cabin by 8:30 so we did most of our packing the night before. Mrs. M called to see if we wanted to join them for breakfast but somehow we had a miscommunication and they went to the buffet and we went to the dining room. Oh well, we enjoyed breakfast at a window with a view out the back of the ship were we watched two cruise ships behind us drop lifeboats and play with mooring lines.

After breakfast we were able to connect with the rest of our group up in the buffet and chit chatted for awhile before our number was called to disembark. It was a fairly quick process to disembark although we did have to stand on a balcony for a half hour while they closed customs to catch up.

We took the shuttle to Miami International and enjoyed a few hours’ people watching before catching our flight to Phoenix. In Phoenix we had two hours which was perfect because if gave us enough time to eat dinner and watch the sun set across the airport … sorry no pictures.

It was a quick 40-minute flight from Phoenix to Yuma and our wonderful neighbours were at the Yuma airport to pick us up.

The women’s washroom at the Yuma Airport is pretty cool … it’s hard to see but there is a red flower above each sink.

Cute little mirrors outside each stall.

And nice quotes on the inside of each stall.

We had a great two week cruise but we were happy to be home and crawl into our own bed 🙂

Until next time …

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