Panama Canal Cruise – Day Thirteen

Our last full day at sea arrived with calmer water and warm sunny skies.

I love the colour of the Caribbean sea

We thought about spending the day around the pool but it was hard to get a chair and we weren’t really feeling a pool day.

There was a brief thought that we had to enjoy the sun and tanning time as it was our last chance but then it dawned on me that, unlike the others, we were heading back to warm sunny weather.

With the pressure off we sat on our deck and did some more reading. Hubby and some of the others watched the flying fish. I tried hard to get pictures of them but they were to fast for me.

I never did get picture of the flying fish but I did spend a fair amount of quiet reflection time watching the wake from the ship.

When we came back to our cabin after a morning walkabout we were greeted by today’s towel animal.

Mr. & Mrs. M joined us for happy hour on our deck so Mrs. M and I spent some time lining up all the towel animals, which I had saved along the back of our couch, and took some pictures.

We had a good time posing them 🙂

The highlight of our last dinner at sea was the Mango Soup … it was very tasty.

The entertainment for the last night of the cruise was a lip sync battle between a male passenger and a female passenger, and guess what? The female passenger was our friend Mrs. Cruise. She had competed against other female passengers earlier in the cruise and won so tonight was her night to compete in the final battle.

She did an awesome job but in the end the audience, who were the judges, couldn’t decide between the two and it ended in a tie.

Until next time …

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