Panama Canal Cruise – Day Nine

Another day at sea, another morning walk, another formal night … and nothing but fun … that about sums up day nine 😀

We had a pretty Super Snow Moon last night so Mrs. M and I decided to walk at 5:00 a.m. so that we could see the moon and then the sunrise, but the sunrise was much later today and we missed it.

An okay sunset last night but I zoomed in to get this ferry in the picture so the orange at the horizon really showed it’s colour off!

Hubby and I decided to take a day off from the sun so rather than sit by the pool today we enjoyed a nice breakfast in the dining room with Mr. & Mrs. M and then headed off to the horse races.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around for awhile, having lunch because of course none of the four of us had eaten for a least two hours and we were all absolutely starving :smile:, and then it was down to our room so hubby could have a little snooze and I could sit outside and read my book.

Today’s towel animal was there to greet us 🙂

The eight of us enjoyed happy hour on our deck, showed off our spiffy formal ware at dinner and then had a lot of fun putting the ship photographers to the test as we did our best to get a fun group shot.

We had a great laugh when hubby was presented with his appetizer. They are usually small, because of course we are having many courses, but this looked a little extreme!

Ahh here comes the rest of his strawberry soup and it was very yummy!

We finished the evening in the theatre watching the show, and then it was off to bed. Just another great day on the open seas.

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “Panama Canal Cruise – Day Nine

  1. Hey Guys! I am so far behind in reading blogs. I didn’t realize you were home. I’m so sorry we missed you yet again!! We left Yuma today and finally get good internet …..where else…..the desert near Quartzsite!
    I’m catching up on your cruise. Wow, what a great time you’ve had. I agree about the history lessons. I can never remember what they told me by the end of the trip. I need to start carrying a small voice recorder.
    I’ll be waiting patiently to see how the rest of the cruise went.

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