Panama Canal Cruise – Day Eight

Mrs. M and I were out for our walk at 5:40 today because when I went out at 6:00 yesterday I had already missed the sunrise 😦 Before our walk I spent some time watching from our deck as the sun started to rise.

We caught the rest of the sunrise as we walked and also watched as we came into the port of Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Would have been another nice beach day if we didn’t have other plans.

Hubby and I along with Mr. & Mrs. Cruise, Mr. & Mrs. L, have big plans for our time in Puntarenas … we are meeting friends from home at a local restaurant, which we thought was an easy walk from the ship. It turned out to be a longer, and hotter, walk than we thought but we did see a lot along the way.

This pelican was posing for pictures on the pier.

There were lots of small vender stalls just off the pier and a few things managed to come home with me 🙂

We did notice that once we left the vendors near the cruise ship the price of things dropped considerably.

Since it was Saturday there were lots of local families enjoying time on the beach.

As we were walking along I noticed free Wi-Fi signs that identified Wi-Fi hot spots. The last time we had access to Wi-Fi was at a restaurant in Huatulco, Mexico so we stopped to catch up on emails, but more importantly to make Face Time calls to our children, grandchildren, siblings, and hubby’s mom. It was awesome to show off the beach and warm weather to those at home but even more awesome just see all our family again!

We can get Wi-Fi on the ship but it is very expensive and very slow so we didn’t bother with it.

Our friends, who have winter homes in Costa Rica, drove two hours to meet us in Puntarenas. It was a fun filled afternoon with a lot of laughs. It was so great that they made the trip to visit with us and as an added bonus one of them even ferried us back, in two loads, so that we wouldn’t have to make the long walk in the heat.

Until next time …

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