Panama Canal Cruise – Day Seven

Today was another day at sea and we spent part of it around the pool and then we moved down to our deck to read, relax, and get ready for our second formal night. Since I didn’t take any pictures today I’m going to share the rest of our time in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala with you. I left off yesterday with the jade factory, after that tour we took a short walk through the streets to our lunch destination.

We had lunch at Casa Santo Domingo, a hotel, museum, and spa.

While we ate a delicious lunch of local foods we were entertained by a group of parrots.

After lunch we spent some time exploring the Convent of Santo Domingo, which was almost totally destroyed in the 1773 earthquake of Santa Marta.

In 1989 a project known as Casa Santo Domingo was developed to rescue the Convent and Temple, which were buried under tons of rubble.

These bells where originally houses in one of two towers in the church.

I could have spent a lot more time touring what was left of the church.

But it was time to move on to new sights. As we walked to our next destination I saw the Domino’s Pizza Delivery guy.

Much easier to ride a bike around these narrow streets rather than using a vehicle.

Our next stop was Parque Central, were we saw the Mermaid Fountain and the Antigua Guatemala Cathedral.

While we were looking around hubby asked our tour guide when we were going to visit the Ron Zacapa rum factory, which was going to be the highlight of his time in Guatemala. You can imagine how disappointed he was when he was told is wasn’t on the tour 😦 Not about to miss out on this opportunity he managed to convince our guide that he should be allowed to make the visit on his own while the rest of the tour were spending time in the plaza … and he can be very convincing! So with directions on how to get to the rum store, and how to get from there to the next church to meet up with the rest of the tour, our tour guide gave six of us permission to headed out on our own. We found the store and purchase a bottle of hubby’s favourite rum, a twenty three year old Zacapa rum. We also walked away with a much cheaper bottle of 18 year old Botran rum which is also made at the factory.

Hubby then led us through the streets to the church were we were to meet up with our group …

… and he got us there with no trouble but our group wasn’t there 😕  I guess another couple decided to follow us to the factory but didn’t tell the tour guide so he, and the rest of the group, were driving around the streets looking for them. When they all arrived back at the church our tour guide was very relieved to find his two missing people!

We had a quick visit at the Santuario San Francisco el Grande and then loaded back into the small bus.

We arrived in the middle of mass so we didn’t stay but I was very annoyed at the number of people who had no problem talking to each other and walking right up to the front of the church to take pictures … so very inconsiderate!

Our small bus took us back to a wide street where we rejoined the large bus and headed back to our ship.

Until next time …

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