Panama Canal Cruise – Day Four

Today is our last full day at sea before we come to our first port of Huatulco, Mexico and once again it started with Mrs. M and I taking our morning walk around each deck as we made our way up to the twelfth deck a total of 6.5 km or 4 mi.

Today’s door decorations.

So I always have mixed feelings about a blog when I have very few pictures, did I not do much and it was a boring day, or was I so busy I didn’t have time to take pictures? Today wasn’t so much busy as it was fun and relaxing, thus very few pictures to show you.

Our morning sunrise … it was very warm at 6:15 when we hit the top deck 🙂

The rest of our day was spent with the whole group of us around the pool followed by dinner in the dining room and ended with a good laugh at the comedy show.

And I will leave you with today’s towel animal 🙂

Until next time …

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