Panama Canal Cruise – Day One

I started off writing the first few blogs about our cruise not using any names, as is my way, but we are on the ship with four other couples and it was getting confusing, even for me! So I will call them Mr. & Mrs. Maxx (that’s us 🙂 ); Mr. & Mrs. Cruise who we have know for years (our kids grew up together and they are our closest friends and their last name isn’t Cruise but it’s been a long standing joke between Mrs. Cruise and our daughter); Mr. & Mrs. L who we have also known for years and are friends of Mr. & Mrs. Cruise; and Mr. & Mrs. M, I worked with Mrs. M and we have coffee with them every Wednesday so hubby and Mr. M know each other well and have common interests … they are the couple who spent four nights with us in Yuma before we headed out on this cruise. Is that clear, or more confusing?

Mr. & Mrs. Cruise, Mr. & Mrs. L, and us have balcony rooms on the eighth floor next to each other. Mr. & Mrs. M booked later and where unable to get near us so they are on the first floor in a room with a big window.

Okay now that we have covered the details let’s start with the ship. We are on the Carnival Miracle which Mr. & Mrs. Cruise and my cousin and I were on fifteen years ago (hubby stayed home to earn money, his choice) … and unfortunately nothing on the ship has changed :frown: Although we did find out that we are fortunate enough to take the last sail on this ship before it goes into dry dock to be refurbished … lucky us!

Seriously when was the last time you saw a light valance that looked like this, it had to be back in the 70s!

And makeup mirrors with the theatrical light bulbs?

We had a happy hour with Mr. & Mrs. Cruise and Mr. & Mrs. L; the guys on the deck, the ladies inside because there wasn’t enough room on the deck for all six of us. The next day we were able to get the doors opened between the balconies to give us more room.

View of San Diego off our deck

View off our deck of the USS Midway which we toured several years ago.

A not so bad sunset.

By 5:30 we still hadn’t set sail, we were to leave at 4:00, so we headed up to the dining room and of course just as we were seated the ship left port so I missed all those cool shoreline pictures of San Diego. Our meal was okay but my spring rolls where tough from sitting out to long and most of our dinners, while tasty, were luke warm. We are chalking it up to the pressure of loading all the passengers and supplies and first day craziness.

All of this probably makes it sound like we aren’t having fun but we are because we are in great company with all our friends on board 🙂

I do have to say the bed is super comfy and we both had a great sleep.

Until next time …

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