We Are Home 🙂

We arrived at our daughter’s place around 4:30 p.m. PST yesterday afternoon and we were exhausted. We left hubby’s cousin’s place just before 6:00 a.m. PST and arrived home ten and a half hours later … a really long day for basically a normally three hour flight.

Usually we can get a direct flight from Phoenix, AZ to Kelowna, BC but this year, maybe because of the whole MAXX 8 issue, all the flights, from airports around Yuma, ended up having a stop either in Seattle, WA or Vancouver, B.C. or Calgary, AB.

Snow in Calgary … it was dark by the time we arrived home but we do have about the same amount of snow on the ground at our daughter’s house 🙂

We ended up with the absolute worst seats on our three hour flight from Palm Springs to Calgary, AB. We were the second to last row on the plane, in an aisle seat across from each other… constantly dealing with people lining up for the washroom and bumping and prodding us so they could get by, I even had one guy grind his private parts into my shoulder so the flight attendant could get by … at least I’m choosing to believe it was because he had to let the flight attendant by.

We don’t spend money to get pre-assigned seats so we had no expectation of great seats but we travel with WestJet all the time, and since I have set my preferences, we have always been assigned a window and a middle seat. I know there are people who prefer the aisle seats but we don’t because of the sometimes constant up and down to let seatmates out. We were willing to suffer through it this time, because again we didn’t spend the money to get better seats, but I’m am concerned about our return flight. WestJet usually assigns the same seats back as you had in the beginning and I don’t want to have the same experience on our way back to Palm Springs … we may have to fork out some extra money for better seats 😦

And to top it off when we arrived in Calgary and were impressed with the International terminal and the domestic terminal only to have our flight gate change to a gate down in the bowels of the airport! Seriously they need to make their customers feel like they are better than an after thought barrack out on the tarmac … and our flight was delayed an hour so we got to spend more time in the bowels of the airport!

This picture is for our neighbours in Yuma, their house is down their on the shores of Kalamalka Lake.

All was forgotten, okay apparently it wasn’t since I wrote about it, once we arrived at our daughters and received those warm squeezy hugs from excited grandchildren who were out the door in a flash when we arrived 🙂

After a great dinner I went with our daughter and family to the ice rink in downtown Kelowna to enjoy some hot chocolate and Christmas caroling.   I even won two free adult tickets to one of our movie theatres because of my new sparkling Christmas hat! I think our grandson’s help me win that since I had given them each a hat as well … sorry I forgot to take pictures of the hats.

The spirit bear

And then we head home for a visit and some much needed sleep!

Until next time …

8 thoughts on “We Are Home 🙂

  1. Ughhh… flying. It’s the worst!! And I am right there with you on the aisle seats thing. I’ve never understood why people want the aisle seat. You just spend the entire time being bumped and told to move. Annoying. I like my window seat where I can just hide out. Actually, what I really love is just not flying at all…

    Anyway, I’m glad you all made it safe and sound. Enjoy the family time!!

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  2. We have started to pick Aisle seats the last couple of years, as it’s easier to get up if we need to (somebody in the household has a small bladder) but having somebody ‘grind’ into your shoulder is not my idea of a good time. We always pay the cost and pick our seats, and try and get in the front 6 or 7 rows. It’s worth it for us anyway.
    Have a great time with the kids and kidlets. Merry Christmas.

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  3. Welcome back to Canada fro Christmas. Life is short, spend the money for the seat selection. If you book early enough you can get good aisle seats up front which we do. I am too claustrophobic to sit in a middle or window seat. I was in a window seat when an entire hockey team got drunk and were throwing things around the plane, not listening to the flight attendants, the co pilot, not the pilot when he came out. I was frightened and felt fenced in and that is how my claustrophobia began. Now I have to be on an aisle.

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  4. All the travel issues seem minor when you get to see the smiling faces of family.
    Sorry we missed you in Yuma. We’ve been out every day. I was going to email you tonight to find out when you were heading home. My procrastination means we missed seeing you. We head over to San Diego and Palm Springs after Christmas, so we’ll have to make a plan for getting you guys up to Q when the whole gang is there. Likely just after the big show.
    Anyway, good to see you are safe and sound. Enjoy friends and family.

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  5. That does not sound like the most fun in the world getting to your destination. How wonderful to get warm squeezy hugs from you grandchildren, must have been wonderful seeing come out the door, those are the best hugs in the world!

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  6. Merry Christmas you two. Have a super time. Still enjoying your posts. We have now landed at Baraka RV which is right on the beach in the north end of Mazatlan – right beside the Riu. Quieter and beautiful beaches. We lucked out because where we’d actually booked, the Los Jaibos, is across the street and down a long street to the beach. We’d been trying to get here but you can’t phone and the surgeon that owns it not to concerned about email returns. What can I say. So we took a chance, found it and lucked out. Just walk up through a palm tree garden, across the cobblestone terrace overlooking the ocean (where they hold weddings) and onto the beach and then walk for miles. Hotter and more humid, we’ll be here until end or middle of February. Lights are up inside and out for our little Christmas here. 🙂 Have fun with yours. 🙂

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