Merry Christmas to Us 🙂

The other day I took the garbage up to the garbage can, what is normally about a two minute walk, and ten minutes later I finally arrived … I had to stop and chat along the way 🙂 When I used to walk around our neighbourhood at home I would never find people to talk to, they just walked by with a greeting or a nod. Now this life isn’t for everyone but I love living in a park where people are out and always up for a quick, and sometimes not so quick, chat. Of course it is even better that this is December and people are outside and not bundled up inside like they would be at home!

My buddy Eddie the Egret who greats me good morning most mornings when I’m out walking has a little egret … family or friend … I’m not sure, but I have decided to call her Edwina 🙂

Hubby has been busy over the last week working on our Christmas gift to each other, and yes I’m going to reveal what it is before Christmas … shhh don’t tell Santa 😀

Since it’s dark when I walk in the morning I was happy to get a picture of both Eddie and Edwina later in the day.

Seven years of living full time in Maxx has taken a toll on the furniture. Let’s face it RV furniture isn’t meant to be used 365 days a year (with an extra day for the leap year in 2016) for seven years,. After a lot of trying at home with no success we were pleased (other than the exchange rate) to have finally found a place in Yuma to replace the foam and recover our sofa bed and two chairs … and they will do it while we are home for Christmas!

So for the past week hubby has carefully pulled back the upholstery on the furniture and beefed up everything underneath.

I took this picture because I wanted to show you hubby’s awesome furniture repair skills, he is working on the arm of the couch, but I also wanted to show off my Christmas leggings just peeking in at the bottom of the picture … aren’t they festive 🙂

Once he was done he put the upholstery back in place and WOW is our furniture solid.

It’s hard to tell he had the fabric all pulled off to do the repairs.

The upholstery place is going to reuse the panel on the front of the cushions since it’s in really good shape and matches our valances … I usually flip the cushions over to the solid upholstery when it’s just us, which has kept the pattern portion in good shape.

Yesterday morning we dropped it all off at Active RV Upholstery Centre in the Arizona Marketplace and when we return after Christmas we will pick it up and hopefully be incredibly pleased with the quality of our Christmas present 🙂

We head up to Palm Desert tomorrow … and yup another visit with hubby’s cousin and his wife, they are going to be so sick of us … for our flight home on Tuesday. So last night and tonight we will sit on our outdoor chairs and imagine how our furniture will look when we pick it up after Christmas.

Until next time …

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to Us 🙂

  1. Good luck with our upholstery I am se they will do an excellent job we were thinking about getting ours done there at the same shop this year, but looks like thins will not be happening now. Merry Christmas !

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    • Thanks George, we feel good about the quality of their work after looking at furniture they had worked on. Merry Christmas to you and Suzie, we are sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


  2. Great timing to get your furniture re stuffed :). So hubby took out all the old stuffing, is that what you are saying. I am a bit confused as to what he did other than peeling back the original fabric.

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    • With seven years of use many of the joints had separated and a lot of the furniture had cardboard in it. So He reinforced all the joints with screws instead of nails, replaced cardboard with wood and had a metal section of the sofa bed rewelded so that it will last at least another seven years. In the picture, with my cute Christmas leggings that nobody has commented on, he replaced the cardboard on the arm of the chair with some thin plexiglass to make it stronger.


  3. Oh My God Your Christmas Leggings Are AMAZEBALLS!!!! (See? I noticed!!!) 😂🤣😂

    Seriously – they’re very cute and seasonally appropriate!!

    It’s funny you mentioning re-upholstering the furniture. Just today Kevin mentioned that one of our chairs has some damage on the arm – probably from Thor. You’re right – this stuff can’t be expected to last forever when it’s being used all day every day. Im looking forward to seeing the ‘after’ pics! Should look great!

    Say hi to Eddie and Edwina for me and safe travels back home!

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    • I knew I could count on you to notice my amazing leggings 😊. Well there is one other person but so far no word from her.

      I will definitely post after pictures but hopefully we get to meet one day and you can see the results in person!

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  4. Safe travels and enjoy the holidays back at home with family.
    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your furniture finished. The fact that there was cardboard at all inside of the furniture is just such a sad statement.
    You really needed to show off more of those Christmas leggings…:)
    Merry Christmas!

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  5. Nice Christmas gift! Ours is similar but instead changing our theatre seating out for individual chairs. Not happy with the quality that we got with our Suite. Bill’s side is a piece of s*@#^! ha ha. That is our gift to us too. 🙂

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