Our First Winter Visit To Algodones

We made our first visit this winter to Algodones with our Kelowna/Yuma/Agdodones friends. Last winter we found out that Sunday’s are a good day to visit as most of the dental and optical places are closed so the crowds are not there.

And yesterday was no exception 🙂 While the hubby of our friend couple went for a hair cut, hubby, myself, and friend wifey wandered around town. We really weren’t looking for anything in particular but hubby and I did want to visit a large ceramic store we found last year.

Hubby led us off in the direction he though we should go and while we didn’t find the store we did find an awesome car show! Okay awesome for hubby not so awesome for friend wifey and myself but we plastered smiles on our face and pretended to be enthused 😀

It was interesting to see the outskirts of Algodones which we have never visited before, we ended up in areas were locals hung out instead of the tourist area … and just so you know we felt totally safe.

Behind these bike is the town square were children were playing.

After wandering around, and never finding the shop we were looking for, we head back to El Paraiso to meet up with friend hubby and have a margarita. After lunch at what I call the Yellow Plaza (sorry no pic this time), we did a little more shopping … and maybe had another margarita … and then head back across the border.

Outside the shop area we came across gas stations and motels.

Sundays are a great day to go, especially early in the season as we walked right up to customs and were through in no time!

We saw this motorcycle, made out of the fender of a VW, drive down the street.

These table were set up down the alley of the car show. They were so fancy I thought they were set up for a wedding.

I was chosen for a special screening when we crossed … and had just enough margaritas to think this was truly a good thing … but it didn’t amount to anything 😦 I was escorted into a separate section, asked what I had purchased, and after I responded that I had only bought two bottles of vanilla I was quickly sent on my way.

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Our First Winter Visit To Algodones

  1. I do believe this is ‘me’ again and you’ll get what I mean by that! Good to know about Algodones on Sundays, we’ll keep that in mind. Where that lovely vw and vw bike (how cool!) is parked is right in front of our dentist. We’ve wandered that area many times back and forth, along that park but never seen the gas bar. Looks like a lot of nice cars (my hubby’s comment). 🙂

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  2. I would be interested in how they make their margaritas. I would drink any that are made with a mix, I refer the real thing with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Looks like you had a nice day out.

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