Bring On Christmas

Our week has consisted of a few bike rides and a lot of Christmas decorating 😀

So rather than babble on about boring stuff, I’m going to bore you with pictures of my Christmas decorations instead, because it is important to me to decorate even though we live in an RV.

Vase on our kitchen table and an interesting sky through the windows.

What looks like a picture to the left of the Christmas tree is actually the view out our open window.

All I can show you of our mantel above the fireplace is a fuzzy photo because above the mantel are pictures of our children and their families and hanging from the mantel are stockings with our children’s names on them … and of course you all know how ridiculously private I am about showing stuff like that ☺And don’t tell me it’s too early to decorate! We head home in less that a month for Christmas and I want to enjoy my decorations before we go 🙂

What I thought was going to be a great sunset didn’t amount to much but it was still pretty.

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Bring On Christmas

  1. You definitely win the award for most private blogger I know. You could walk in my house right now, and I’d have no idea who you were. Hell, I don’t even know your name. Or your husband’s name. Are you a spy? You’re a spy, aren’t you? Living a secret, covert existence…. RV blogger by day, CIA crime-fighter by night?? I knew it!!!

    If we ever do meet up for beers, we’re gonna have to have a big “reveal” moment like they have on makeover shows on TV! LOL!!

    Anyway, I love the Christmas decorations. I just hung a string of lights inside today, actually. I don’t think it’s too early at all. Now’s the perfect time!

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    • Once again Laura you have me on the floor laughing 😂. I wish my life was as covert as you have described, oh the fun I would have! When, not if because we definitely want to meet you both, we meet for beers I will have to wear a yellow flower in my hair or come up with some other more subtle way so that you will know who I am!

      I’m looking forward to pictures of your decorations 😊

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  2. I love Christmas decorations and I wish more Rvers did it up like you. We ar one of the few here. At home we weren’t allowed to put the big tree up until My Mom’s birthday or just before, about December 10th was the earliest. I usually start on December 1st but will wait this year. I need to chill for a while and enjoy where we are first.

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