All Settled In

We have been at Cocopah RV Resort for a little over a week and are almost settled in.

I have seen a few pretty sunrises during my morning walks.

I have a few planters planted but have had to order some taller ones to keep my plants out of the rabbits reach. Those rascally wabbits are very cute but so very destructive to plants, so hopefully my new pots are out of their reach.

And a few beautiful sunsets during our evening walks.

Aside from running around doing errands we have had time to catch up with lots of friends and have also been out for a few bike rides.

We noticed a new paved path while out shopping so we thought we should check it out. We started off on a gravel path beside a canal.

And then onto the paved path. This was a nice route and we can follow it to some of our usual stores ☺

And that about sums up our week. I’m getting excited to pull out the Christmas decorations now that Remembrance Day is over … unlike the stores I won’t decorate until after Remembrance Day as I feel it deserves full focus on the meaning of the day rather than to be taken over with Christmas decorations and music.

And one morning I watched a gorgeous red moon drop behind the hills. Since that morning a bright full moon has lit up the sky for my morning walk 🙂

But it is now the 16th of November and we only have a month to enjoy our decorations before we head home for Christmas so I think some decorating may happen this weekend 🙂

Until next time …

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