Alabama Hills, CA

I had to schedule yesterday’s blog to post before we arrived at Alabama Hills because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have any cell service … and I was right 😦 We can get occasional cell service if I put the phone in our bedroom window, cross my fingers, put my tongue to the roof of my mouth, and stand on one leg. That has worked a few times so I was able to read blogs one night, but we knew cell service would be an issue and the McDonalds in town has decent coffee and good Wi-Fi so that was our plan for future blogs and emails.

So here is what you missed when we arrived at our awesome boondocking spot on Sunday …

Whitney Portal Road in Lone Pine, CA

I love the mountains in this area!

After a about a mile of pavement we turned onto gravel, but it is in great shape.

Remember that heavy wind I told you about in Bishop? Well it did pick up again but fortunately it was on our tail during our short drive into Lone Pine, CA., but when we turned up Whitney Portal Road toward the boondocking area we could really feel the wind. It continued to blow like crazy until 6:00 p.m., three hours after the weather service said it would stop, I guess I was right to question how they can predict what time it will end, cause they were definitely wrong on Sunday!

What the view from our rear windows would look like if they were clean, but the windows are very dirty so I took this outside the window.

While we had to set up in the wind we were able to get our favourite spot so we had protection from the wind, along with awesome views and, once the wind died down, total silence … it is so incredibly peaceful here. One of the best parts, for me, of boondocking is the lack of white noise that power generates!

Also to the rear

We didn’t do much outside on Sunday because of the wind, but I did venture out between gusts to get pictures so you could see our views. After our travels our windows are way to dirty to take any pictures through them … but that is a future me problem 😀

Out the kitchen window.

This is the view we would normally have out the living room but we had to position slightly ahead to avoid the wind.

Maxx looks like he is pretty tight to the rocks but there is lots of room.

Until next time …

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