Just Chillin πŸ™‚

Okay we are not chillin, we are warm but Just Warmin doesn’t have the same ring πŸ˜€

We spent Saturday night at the Eastern Sierra Fairgrounds in Bishop, CA. It is basically a parking lot with full hook-ups and we have stayed here three times. There are no signs stating what the cost is or were to pay, so we think it is like many small US towns where they allow you to camp for free. Campendium has a comment that the fee was $33.00 a night in May of 2018 so maybe they only collect during the summer or when there is an event on.

We saw this pretty grass when we were out walking in Bishop.

And wow did we have some wind early Sunday morning! It woke me up at 1:00 a.m. and kept me up most of the night, hubby on the other hand slept through it all until one particularly strong gust hit the bedroom slide around 4:00 a.m.. I guess I figured he was now awake to look after things so I fell back asleep for a few hours. The wind finally died down around 5:00 a.m. and when we left Bishop Sunday morning it was 15C (59F).

And it is just as soft as it looks!

An hour and a half later we arrived at our boondocking spot in Alabama Hills, where we will stay for the next little while. We are looking forward to the quiet and no hum of electricity πŸ™‚

Dave of Our View From Here this is for you … our lowest diesel price so far was $3.059 (roughly $1.09 CND per litre) in Carson City, NV; our highest price so far was $3.879 (roughly $1.39 CND per litre) when we topped up in Bishop, CA. Fortunately for us we did not have to fill up in Bridgeport, CA or we may have had to give up travelling!

That works out to $1.96 CND per litre … we don’t even pay that at home … way to go Canada you are also redeeming yourself and I still love ya πŸ™‚

Until next time …

7 thoughts on “Just Chillin πŸ™‚

  1. The lowest we have thus far in our journey is $3.039 in Alamo, NV before Vegas. The highest we have paid is $3.339 so we are doing well. A cold morning here @ -8.4C. Just warming up before we drive to our RV Park in Vegas. Can’t check in for a bit yet.

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  2. I just filled up today in Albuquerque for $2.74/gallon. Woo Hoo! We plan on being in California at the end of December. Yikes, I hope the price drops by then or maybe I should buy a few jerry cans!

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    • Wow that is a great price! We are looking forward to Arizona where the prices drop some. That price was small town California but even some of the large towns are over $4.00 for diesel!


  3. I am quite surprised how high the diesel prices are. We paid between $3.12 and $3.35 on the way down. The price in Apache Junction is $2.95 though.
    When I was in Abbotsford last weekend we paid $1.12 per liter or about $3.26 US.

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