Highway 97 to Bend, Oregon

We had a beautiful drive down Highway 97 into Bend, Oregon! The weather was sunny and warmish and traffic was light.

Mount Baker in the distance.

Three Sisters in the background

Right around the time we needed a bathroom break we came up to the Peter Skene Ogden Rest Stop. I have written before about how I went to Peter Skene Ogden Senior High so I always feel a tug to stop at this rest stop. The added bonus is the opportunity to view Crooked River from above, 300 feet above to be precise!

I had to walk fairly close to the edge to get this picture for all of you … I don’t do heights so this should show you how much you all mean to me 🙂

 By noon we were set up at Scandia RV Park and after a quick lunch headed out the door to get some running around done. The only downfall to Bend is how pricey their RV Parks are! Scandia used to be one of the cheaper ones but is now just under $50.00 a night 😦 however we love Bend and the location is good so we figure it was worth the splurge.

Peter Skene Ogden Bridge (behind the rail bridge) over Crooked River. Hubby did this one, it was way to close to the edge for me!

We ended our day with a stop at a few of our favourite craft breweries and ended up walking out of most of them 😮 Bend was letting us down as most of the breweries had changed their taps and all of our favorites where gone … even our Pumpkin Spice Ale with the sugared rim at Silver Moon was gone, and that is honestly the main reason we come to Bend!

At least we picked up all the tax free items we wanted and as an added bonus we also filled up our 30 pound propane tank for just under $18.00 … we just filled one before we left home for $37.00! Really Canada there should not be that big of a difference!!!

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “Highway 97 to Bend, Oregon

  1. Been a while since we’ve been to Bend. Nice area.
    Back home we fill propane at Costco for .56/liter (about $15). Sometimes at Coop for .99/liter (about $30). Big difference. We just filled a bottle today in New Mexico for $2.50/gallon or $18 USD for 30lb cylinder. I suppose that works out to about $23 CDN.

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