Wow … Rufus Landing You Rock!

We had a great … did I mention FREE … boondocking night at the COE park in Rufus, Oregon.

There are trains but they are across the Columbia River and we saw them but barely heard them.

The site is between the highway and the river so we did get some traffic noise, but unlike last night when we were in Chelan, it was more of a background noise rather than cars stopping and starting, so it didn’t bother us.

As you could probably see in yesterday’s pictures there can be wind, which makes it a favourite location for wind surfers and kite boarders, but there are berms throughout the site that you can tuck yourself behind to get away from the wind.

We were able to find a great spot that still allowed us to be on the river but also protected us from the wind.

Around 8:00 p.m. the winds totally died down and the next morning the river was like glass … as you can probably see in the many, many, sunrise photos in this blog 🙂 … I do love my sunrises!

Hubby drank his morning coffee and watched the fish feeding and jumping out the bedroom window. All I heard was “I wish I had my fishing rod”!

From the door of Maxx as I went back in to drink my coffee.

We spent last night in Bend, Oregon and will be here again tonight as we have some tax free shopping to do and of course we have to hit a few Craft Breweries and try some Pumpkin Spiced Beer 😀

One last photo before we folded up the steps and headed for Bend.

Until next time …

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